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  1. Good replys all and thanks for the recomendations - i too wanted to read the Jenkins stories as much as possible but they're hard to find.
  2. It is certain now. i have read HB for a long time aand i'm now firmly of the opinion that the story of Royal Blood is the best story in the Constantine cannon. Why do I believe this? I will tell you. I first read the story two years ago when my older sister bought it for me for christmas (i loved the cover of Bloodlines and had wanted to read it for sooo long). It was very interesting and politically adept at criticising the royal family. But the real reason its my favorite is because of what happens on pages 132-133. I didn't sleep for nights after that i was so terrified and upset. This man is in the void, in Hell, and he's chained up with a demon Calibraxis RIPPING HIS INSIDES OUT OF HIM. I cant forget his face. I can't forget his scream. i always used to wonder what was that man before he was in Hell? did he have a wife kids, a mum and dad who loved him? What would it do to their MINDS to know what was happening to him right there and then. it's so horrible. Its not like the usual ideas of Hell. It's just a blank pink void and theres nothing there but pain and fear for him while he gets ripped open again and again. What was he before he went to Hell? Was he a soldier? A teacher? A killer? We don't know. but Ennis and Simpson deserve so much credit for that story and creating these images that will never get out of my head. I was angry with Ennis for a long time after that. now i think hes brilliant and the best writer HB has ever had (tho I've not read Delano and Jenkins) So what is your opinion? Do you like this scene and this story? If not why not? What scenes from HB terrified you? Made you cry? What do you think happened to this poor man to put him in Hell where Calibraxis could eat him a live for eternity? *shakes*
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    Hi. I'm a big Hellblazer fan and have been for a few years and am very happy to find this site and see theres other HB fans who love the book as much as me, this is interesting and a good forum. Talk soon! :-)
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