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  1. Doing swell, thanks. Just finished C2. If they make this.. and of course that's a big "if", it could very very cool.. even for the ones here that didn't much care for the first. This one's more my baby so I'm a pretty proud pappa at this minute. Then again, it hasn't gone through the grismill yet... Always remember, wat you see up on screen isn't always what was intended. Have a happy holiday and drink down a pint for ol' Johnny... He may be coming back....
  2. IMDB states Constantine 2 in pre-production for 2012. That's an old place holder. Not the plot at all... Think you'll like this one.
  3. So.. how's everyone doing? Ready to play?
  4. Also wanted to put a link to the trailer: widerscreen http://movietrailers.imeem.com/video/hl2sA...n_movies_video/
  5. Wanted to drop by and give everyone here a heads up on HE WAS A QUIET MAN coming out in the U.K. on December 7th. Not sure how many theaters it will be in but HighFliers Distribution was saying they may have a premiere screening on the 7th if Christian Slater can pry himself from his theatrical duties in London on Swimming With the Sharks. If he can, I'll be there as well. This is my little baby so if you hate this one, it's all my fault. Unlike Constantine and any other movie we writers do under contract, the ones we do without limitations have the most profound effect on our soul and our lives. I'm proud of the film, proud of what we achieved for less than the catoring budget on most Hollywood productions these days. Look it up, check it out and if we have the premiere - come on down and buy me a round. Or two. www.hewasaquietman.com Frank Cappello
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to drop by and give you a heads up on this little thing I did this past year. In between my Swamp Thing duties that is... http://www.timeout.com/film/news/1773.html Tears
  7. Wow... Heart pounds, legs weaken... i'm overwhelmed ... I'm still remembered... Tears roil... Hey! No, I'm not back - not in this universe at least. Just heard this C2 news myself, clicked here to see the response and what the hey - I'm getting morfed into Matador and who knows who else! But who cares, all of that is in the past. I was told at one time that if there was ever to be a sequel it would be straight to DVD without Keanu. I have no idea what this new "hard R" pitch is and why Warners would even consider it since the last one didn;t clean upo the way they'd like. But... who knows... Maybe Matador can come and enlighten us all. Hope all have been well! Back to The Green... Tears
  8. :D Would THE GREEN have a place for John Constantine Tears ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I certainly pushed for it because it was integral to Moore's reinvention of ST but because Constantine is still a possible future franchise, the powers that be nixed it. But I will say that right now (early draft) there is a character in The Green that die hard fans will recognize as someone cut from the same cloth as JC.. Whether he remains intact in subsequent drafts remains to be seen.
  9. True enough, but Qusoor's being just as bad. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True enough, but Tears' had the funniest "get a room" come-back. Tell you what folks, let Tears slag off your workplaces and see how witty are the responses. We may think the film he worked on was a pile of cack but we know humour when we see it shurely ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well at least you see it, AB. I mean come on, who takes me seriously anymore?? Please! By the way the best film I have seen this year so far - the one that affected me the most - the one that renewed my faith in the power of films was.... THE WEDDING CRASHERS. Went in angry at the world, ready to pull the trigger on many bad people, came out loving the world, whistling to birds and wondering why I had such a rag up my ass. If that's not a sign of a good flick, what is?
  10. I think getting a room would be a waste since there's probably nothing I could do with Qusoor behind closed doors that he/she hasn't seen already and I just hate wasting a good three minutes.
  11. As I said, I respect your opinion. I find films that have stolen a great deal from other films without even trying to disguise the theft or infusing something new and interesting into the scene. I find it creatively lazy. Tears asked where I had seen the scenes before, and I listed them. I'm different from you, I have a different opinion. I will never say that you should not enjoy the film, that you can't think it's a great film. But if you want to discuss the film's merits, I've got a thing or two to say, and we don't see eye to eye. I'm not going to try to argue you down unless you try to change my opinion. For me, this started when Tears made a very incorrect statement. I corrected him on it, and I found no reason to be gentle about it. As someone who works in films, he ought to at least have some idea what he's talking about when he speaks on film. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I did not make an incorrect statement and it is not your job to call me on it. According to your far reaching philosophy ANY film with actors speaking dialogue using words you've heard before is ripping off the very first motion picture with sound. To say you've seen it all before and then use such ridiculous assumptions - "it was probably in an episode of Buffy" or "Saw it in the comic (which this is afterall based on) "Someone must have put a girl under water since it's just too easy" are kinda ridiculous. What you're saying is - "I didn;t see it myself but I;m sure someone has done it or thought it before." No one is saying Constanteen was great art but to put it down because you THINK it might be derivitive is somewhat silly. I can say with all honesty that the writers tried to avoid all cliches and have been put down in this forum because of it. Any really, past the age of five, has any of us seen a film with something completely new? Something that was not thought of or eluded to in some other media, be it film, TV, radio, cereal box, letter from your mom? The comics themselves rip themselves off constantly. Several of JC's runs have ended in the EXACT same way - not very clever or original at all. But then again, you've probably seen it all anyway. I can only imagine what you might say after viewing a scene with say a pregnant woman climbing up the side of a building while being chased by rabid gargoyles. She's almost to freedom when her unborn child falls out of the womb and dangles below and the gargoyles use it to climb up to devour her... "Well I've seen babies in other movies and ER did an episode with an umbilical getting caught and everyone and his brother is writing a gargoyle story and I once saw a monkey climb a vine to get to a bird..." Isn;t that reaching just a bit?
  12. Oh god, I hate doing this... But whether you liked it or not - you've seen a man hold a cat with his feet in a bucket to go to Hell? You've seen a man attacked by a demon made of a million pieces of vermin? You've seen a man hold a woman under water until she practically drowns so she can see hell? You've seen an electric chair used to surf the ether? You've seen a man slit his wrists to save the world? You've seen a man give a demon his last rights to send him to heaven? You've seen a man give the finger to the devil? You've seen a woman be ripped backwards through an entire high rise? Could you tell me which movies these were in so I can rent them? Sorry, I couldn;t help myself. I'll go back to the cage now.
  13. It’s not doing that well. It did open at the top spot and the fouth spot with the deluxe Dvd but it did not set the world on fire like Tears or anyone would like you to believe. For one, it was a slow week for Dvd sales and two, it was the only major release that was available that week. It needs to break records and stay hot for a sequel to be considered, and it will not. If you notice, word of mouth has still been very bad for this film and it will continue to be, so the studio will not risk itself to produce another sequel. As for the whole Robocop/Terminator ideology that Tear brought up earlier, Both Robocop and the Terminator had strong word of mouth that brought both of them the acclaimed they deserved and both of them were re-release as a result before they were huge on Video, (back then before Dvd). Yet again, Tears is blowing smoke up you know where. The sequel is dead. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And again you are misquoting me. I said that IF the DVD sales were great than a sequel might happen but if they weren't Lorenzo's prediction would be true - that the audience if the final word on ANY sequel. I am not the one that is reporting DVD grosses here. So please get your facts straight before dragging my name down yet again. Thank you
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