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  1. It's incredible how TV writers can turn any possible concept into a police procedural.
  2. Did anyone read Suicide Squad 21? It was pretty good, Ales Kot writes some clever dialogue, and the characterization was top-notch.
  3. http://multiversityc...rses-july-2013/ I haven't had the opportunity to read these , guess it's my lucky day :D
  4. http://www.newsarama.com/film/marvel-studios-phase-two-video.html Just saw this. My inner Marvel geek was really excited.
  5. I'd rather see a Swamp Thing trilogy by Del Toro. That would be awesome. John and Etrigan could appear in the sequel, leading to an epic finale (American Gothic).
  6. So... Dial H is possibly getting cancelled. So there it goes, the best New 52 title. http://www.bleedingcool.com/forums/front-page-comic-news/68359-will-dial-h-cancelled-issue-16-a-2.html
  7. I'm really curious about the GotG issue co-written by Bendis and Gaiman. What a weird collaboration. I just hope that they release some fancy hardcover of Moore's Miracleman. And let Gaiman finish his story.
  8. Did Tannarak appear in Lemire's Superboy? Perhaps that's why he ended up in the E.C.E.P.E.S (Evil Cabal of Evil Practitioners of Evil Sorcery, they're dangerous, dark and edgy!)
  9. http://www.comicbook...rticle&id=44195 Daredevil is getting his own "Legends of the Dark Knight"
  10. *No lesbian is shagged *Chas remains in his mother's house with the creepy chimpanzee *The First of the Fallen never becomes a cheap villain. Or a greek fisherman But most importantly, Mange remains alive.
  11. *Zed gives birth to the next Messiah *Phantom Stranger's shoes remain piss-stainless
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