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  1. Master Pernath

    Lucifer being played for laughs for TV

    It's incredible how TV writers can turn any possible concept into a police procedural.
  2. Master Pernath

    New Massive Attack song ft. John Constantine

    Massive Attack/ Tricky reunion? Count me in.
  3. Master Pernath

    The Leaden Age of the new 52 - DCU thread

    Did anyone read Suicide Squad 21? It was pretty good, Ales Kot writes some clever dialogue, and the characterization was top-notch.
  4. Master Pernath

    Are you a Milligan or a Milligant?

  5. Master Pernath

    Are you a Milligan or a Milligant?

    http://multiversityc...rses-july-2013/ I haven't had the opportunity to read these , guess it's my lucky day :D
  6. Master Pernath

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    http://www.newsarama.com/film/marvel-studios-phase-two-video.html Just saw this. My inner Marvel geek was really excited.
  7. Master Pernath

    Big books of comics

    What about Enigma?
  8. Master Pernath

    John Constantine--Back to the Big Screen

    I'd rather see a Swamp Thing trilogy by Del Toro. That would be awesome. John and Etrigan could appear in the sequel, leading to an epic finale (American Gothic).
  9. Master Pernath

    DC : The Dark

    So... Dial H is possibly getting cancelled. So there it goes, the best New 52 title. http://www.bleedingcool.com/forums/front-page-comic-news/68359-will-dial-h-cancelled-issue-16-a-2.html
  10. Master Pernath

    Marvel comics

    I'm really curious about the GotG issue co-written by Bendis and Gaiman. What a weird collaboration. I just hope that they release some fancy hardcover of Moore's Miracleman. And let Gaiman finish his story.
  11. Master Pernath

    Constantine #1

    Did Tannarak appear in Lemire's Superboy? Perhaps that's why he ended up in the E.C.E.P.E.S (Evil Cabal of Evil Practitioners of Evil Sorcery, they're dangerous, dark and edgy!)
  12. I thought there were only 215 issues.
  13. Master Pernath

    Marvel comics

    http://www.comicbook...rticle&id=44195 Daredevil is getting his own "Legends of the Dark Knight"
  14. Master Pernath

    The Greater Ramifications of Issue #300's Ending

    *No lesbian is shagged *Chas remains in his mother's house with the creepy chimpanzee *The First of the Fallen never becomes a cheap villain. Or a greek fisherman But most importantly, Mange remains alive.
  15. Master Pernath

    The Greater Ramifications of Issue #300's Ending

    *Zed gives birth to the next Messiah *Phantom Stranger's shoes remain piss-stainless