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  1. Hey, guys. What's going on? Just wanted to let y'all know the digital version of my book Is'nana The Were-Spider Vol 2 is now available. Be sure to get your copy today! Or let me know if you'd like to preorder a physical copy which will be out next month! http://peepgamecomix.com/product/isnana-the-were-spider-the-hornets-web/
  2. Hey, everyone! The Kickstarter for the next book I'm writing, THE GENTLEMAN: DARKNESS OF THE VOID, is up and running. Be sure to check the video for the dope images, art, and concept! And don't forget, if you're interested in pledging/donated, Kickstarter doesn't take any dime from your account until the end of the campaign at the end of the month. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782290703/the-gentleman-1-darkness-of-the-void# A Lovecraftian inspired horror noir story about the haunting ghosts from the past along with the ghosts from the forth coming future, the Gentleman finds himself drawn to Espere St. Lanmé, mysterious and alluring, seeking help and protection from a being of possibly supernatural origins. Unfortunately to protect her, Oliver must succumb to his special abilities, a hereditary curse that uses his body as a key and vessel to the Void, an ancient evil with the means to destroy all life as we know. Can Oliver protect Espere without losing his humanity? And if he can, can she be trusted? What is her connection to Oliver and the Void itself? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782290703/the-gentleman-1-darkness-of-the-void#
  3. Loving the Milligan discussion. I picked up the first issue of one of his recent books which was a bit of an erotica. I wasn't sure how I felt about it but tracking the following issues were difficult for me so I may just pick it up in trade. Did anyone read it? How did you feel about it? I also loved his Greek Street and was disappointed when it ended. But I always felt like one of the odd men out who enjoyed it while others were heavily underwhelmed. I'm looking forward to his Legion run about to start for Marvel.
  4. Today is the final day of my campaign for Is'nana Vol 2. I'm doing a last day stretch goal with an awesome digital comics deal. If you pledge for a copy of Is'nana the Were-Spider and we are able to reach $18K by tomorrow at 9 AM, EST, you get a digital package of 16 free indie comic books. This is a great way to get a bunch of dope comics for the price of one book and a way to learn of other books out there. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1942007293/isnana-the-were-spider-volume-2
  5. A recent interview I did. "Despite the awesome quality works coming out from the Black indie scene, there’s still a lot that can be done. Message boards and social media groups have come a long way, pushing out materials to be supported, but a HUGE majority of POC fans are still preaching and complaining about Marvel and DC’s usage of some of their Black characters yet they still won’t put their money where their mouth is and try out some critically acclaimed or fan favorite Black indie books. And the crappy thing is, we can’t get more of our stuff out without all the support that would actually help us produce and represent us in a better light." https://squidmag.wordpress.com/2017/10/22/greg-anderson-elysee-creating-isnana-the-were-spider-african-comics/ Less than 2 days left to help support and get a copy of Is'nana if anyone is interested. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1942007293/isnana-the-were-spider-volume-2
  6. Given that my character Is’nana and his father, Anansi the Spider, have been established with the ability to travel through different worlds, I thought it’d be fun to take advantage of this and introduce people to different books and series in the indie comic world. With the stretch goal of $16,000, the Is’nana team are hoping to raise enough money to add 40 extra pages of story content to allow Is’nana to go through these different worlds, each illustrated by their respective creators. The goal is to raise enough money to pay all the artists/creators involved. So we have Vol 1's artist Walter Ostlie's Shiver Bureau, Micheline Hess' Malice in Ovenland, Shauna J. Grant's Princess LovePon, Chuck DragonBlack Collins' Bounce!, Keef Cross' DayBlack, Mike Priebe's Barrdok the Wanderer, and N Steven Harris' and Robert Garrett's Ajala! I thought it'd be great to do a sort of cross promotion between each creator and books and given that I have a good set of readers and fanbases, I'm hoping I can not only introduce readers to more Black folklore and mythological characters, but also get more people into other indie books and franchises. If anyone is able to jump in to help, that'd be wonderful, or even spreading the word and discussing what the mission goal is! So please pledge today and spread the word!
  7. So a few things since we launched on Monday! We not only passed the 50% mark already, but we also found ourselves in the Projects We Love category! It's been getting a pretty good reception thus far, but definitely want to get closer to the initial goal as soon as we can, that way we get closer to possibly adding those extra pages of back up story with the crossovers with other indie comic characters. So if you can, definitely put a pledge in and share and tag people to see the project. It'd be much appreciated! Oh yeah, don't forget, money doesn't get taken out of your account if you pledge/donate/pre-order until the end of the campaign on October 25th and you can edit the amount any time after you've pledged until that date. So you can place it now just to calculate the numbers. Thanks, guys! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1942007293/isnana-the-were-spider-volume-2
  8. The Kickstarter is finally live! Be sure to pledge and spread the word through social media of all types, friends and family, etc. Any type of support would be greatly appreciated! And for anyone who missed out on the first volume, given that the book is sold out, you'll also be able to pledge for a copy of the first along with the new one! www.kickstarter.com/projects/1942007293/isnana-the-were-spider-volume-2
  9. I actually jumped in during the Mike Carey run. It was 201, I believe. It was after the Constantine movie was announced and I came in wanting to find out about the Balthazar character. Come to find out that was just a creation of the film but I was still curious to find out about the book. I was hooked on Carey's run, how fast pace it was but the characters themselves hooked me. I jumped on "Haunted" by Ellis and took me awhile to get accustomed to it because of how different it was from how Carey was writing the book. I then read the issues that focused on Ellie and her baby by Ennis and I was definitely in for the long haul. I started buy as many of the back trades I could find. Thus far, nothing has matched my enjoyment of the first 9 issues of Jamie Delano's run, including the art, the whole package. I lost interest during the Mina run and would pick up an issue or so on the following writers. I was in for a lot of Milligan's run and actually quite enjoyed it but funds got in the way. I think I read on issue of Azz's run and that was enough for me.
  10. Hey, guys! Just wanted to post the promo for Vol 2, scheduled for Kickstarting this Fall!
  11. Depends on where I post the reviews. Some reviews do help a lot. But the trick is to consistently spread and post it at various places where people ho may have missed it may be interested. It also does better when its people other than the creator pushing the book.
  12. Thank you so much, John!
  13. Hey, ladies and gents! Just wanted to leave a link to a recent review for my book, Is'nana the Were-Spider, along with the link to the Amazon and digital copy. The book has been getting a lot of stellar reviews and I'm currently in the middle of producing Vol 2! And conventions have been wonderful drawing in new readers. A 10 out of 10 at Graphic Policy! https://graphicpolicy.com/2017/04/29/review-isnana-the-were-spider-vol-1/ Story:10 Art:10 Overall:10 Recommendation:Buy The book can be purchased through Amazon below! https://www.amazon.com/Isnana-Were-Spider-Vol-Forgotten-Stories/dp/0997362804/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493840047&sr=8-1&keywords=is%27nana+the+were+spider Or digital half priced below: http://peepgamecomix.com/product/isnana-the-were-spider-forgotten-stories/
  14. I'm actually not even sure why many people continue to bother with these event books anymore. They always tend to end up being an awful waste of money.
  15. The Griotvine visits and interviews Matty's Rocket creator Tim Fielder at Gallatin Galleries in NYU, showcasing his recent exhibit chronicling 30 years of his comic book work, talking Matty's Rocket, and a sneak peak at his new book with writer David F. Walker. http://www.theouthou...im-fielder.html http://youtu.be/RKbn71xjcXo
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