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    Like that movie with reno just without silly frenchies?
  2. No explanation on the ending on the internetz somewhere until now? I thought every artsy fuck loves to put artsy shit on the market just to show massive smug amounts and explain it afterwards. well, at least they didnt fade to black on the last page.
  3. Kei


    Yes thanks, couldnt remember what it was called. wasnt my cup of tea, a little bit to derpy and to much kinky fuckery going on without much sense to it. maybe it got better after the hivemindalienrapewhatever storyline, the premise sounded promising.
  4. Kei


    Yeah well, that about covers a whole lot of reading time switching through and choosing what to start with. anyone kws , to top it, an okkult themed series in comics like hellblazer or the dresden files books, gabriel knight games usw? I remember reading something about a combat mage but after the first storylines it was about breeding spacealiens who rape their way throgh town and the mage stopped them or somewhat that was a bit derpy, but if you know any other okkult magic supernatural tingies, i would be happy. thanks for the other series, that will keep me entertained.
  5. Kei


    Nope. Have wikipeadiad it now and think I should, thanks. I remember having it on one of my "shit you have to read" lists but I forget about theese lists from time to time if I happen to be engaged in a new interresting series/comic/game and afterwards i search anew <.< edit: even the original sandman was so-so for me, some of the issues I didnt like some I found awesome, most memorable was lucifer with hi decision to close hel simply because he didnt give a fuck anymore. Will ry the dreaming. In my perfect world there would already be a batman series much like punisher max, but i guess i cant have good things : (
  6. Kei


    So, every now and then I search the web for good comics but im alsmost never able to find something which suits my taste. I look for storys which are dark or have a very black humour, maybe both. I would die for urban fantasy, please no superheroes, or western stuff, scifi western is also ok. Maybe crime things, thriller like or something. I've read and enjoyed: - sandman - lucifer - hellblazer obviously - Punisher (the series without dudes in capes) - american vampire - batman (only if there are no caped dudes, bats is as far as im able to get in the world of superheroes nowadays) - hundred bullets - driver for the dead if there are any people here who also read mangas: - green blood - monster - 20th century boys some of the series from the top of my head which i have read and which I liked very much although not all of what I have read, but should give a good example of what I generally like. Are there any series out there worth reading which I may not be aware of but you are and can recommend, would be much apreciated.
  7. And thats precisely why I dont bother reading regular superheroe comics. Be it Guys who call themselves nick necro, and nobody with a little self respect should ever do this, except he wishes to do fetish porn, Ideas like "herpaderp his power is the mighty lie" stuid costumes and all the other crap. I loved the punisher series (the oe without the stupid crap) I would love a batman series without all the other heroes (and without childsidekicks) and I still cant elieve they canceled my hellblazer just to degrade constantine to...a regular hero : (
  8. On topic Demons rule the stockmarket and the only way to make millions is to sell your soul The King of Vampires is alive and well Chas had never been pissed on while having sex Gemma dies as a child Brendan went straight to hell No dog fuckery in newcastle
  9. Wait what, did I miss something here? please elaborate on "retconned" is there an explanation for this abomination? (will delete this to not ot psam the thread if someone answered it)
  10. I think a writer has to be clear, the best storys be it books, movies, comics (or graphic novels if you like to impress the hipster crowd with fancy words) are the ones which are clear and open to interpretation. Basic examples would be the fables (is this the right english term for it?) and I dont mean the comics. There you have a simple story like the one about the tourtoise and the rabbit, and you also have a simple moral under it which you can debate. Of course its the simplest example which comes to mind, but it illustrates my point that theese storys, although having an underlying theme, fully function without it. I could tell theese to a little kid before it goes to bed and it would have had heard a good story, I could tell it to a slightly older kid and It would have had a god story and something to think about. Some posters here have pointed out their ideas what could be the meaning of some of the going ons in the story, and whether I like them or not, sure some sound entirely possible, thats not my main problem. If I would strip theese away (or put everyone who dares to overanalyze this piece of..work in a dark chamber in my basement and gag hem), the story falls apart entirely. As not only a Fan of Comics but also a fan of videogames I am shocked when I see that at the same time when people try to get their favorite medium accepted as works of art and not merely entertaning stuff for kids and manchilds (sorry to the ladys) nobody (at least in the many reviews I have seen) has the balls to call bullshit. The same happened some time ago with the ending of mass effect and instead of fans calling bullshittery and lazy writing a great portion of those fans had gone to great lenghts to explain why the ending wasnt in fact lazy shit writing and instead some conspiracy theory writing by the creators which had to be analyzed and is entirely plausibly if you have the nerve to write hundreths of pages of essays regarding the topic. I happily accept that there are underlying themes in this issue, that the writer had made up his mind at some point and tried to present the reader with stuff to interpret by themselves and think about, but that fucking matters not if the foundation of that is broken. If you cant be arsed to write a basic functioning story you sure as fuck should not add some convoluted themes and ideas to your already messy script, and the only thing which is worse than your abllity as a writer of this particular piece is the nerve of reviewers to not call you out and instead overanalyze and also praise it like some filthy coffeshop hipsters. edited for typos and other stuff edit again: Also, every hellblazer fan or reviewer who overanalyzes this issue should think about what John has said about Cats : p
  11. Did read it again and again and it actually gets worse. It may be me, but after the promo text it should be about the constantine and everything what made his comic great, yet after I read it a second time i get the feeling he isnt even there. Its about epiphany, about finn, and a little gemma. for a series which ran that long its a bit awkward that the very last issue is about characters which are relatively new to the series, even gemma feels new to me compared to the way she was build up in the rest of hellblazer before (before the wedding). Even worse, the things which constantine allegedly had to set right werent even his fault, fin for example. There was nothing really there anymore which has to burden him and in turn make his decision to be killed logical. The last Time he saw gemma she was more or less ok (for a constantine) she returns to the wedding already as a wreck and from then on its suddenly johns fault that she is that way. What made this series grat for me was Johns defiance of everything that was thrown in his way either be it his fault for beeing an idiot, a bastard or just naively wrong, and the things which just happened around him, every time he was defiant and got through it. Even as he gave up magic in the end he gave an up yours to the london magic community. Only time remember he was really down was at the end of his relation to kit, which is also the only woman who walked out on him on her own accord. for me theres nothing to be liked about this issue, it wasnt about all the great things hellblazer, it wasnt even really about onstantine, it wasnt logical, and fuck you for being a lazy writer to write such an abomination and then declare it to be "something to think about for the readers". Assholes. edit: also, no nergal but julian, fuck you again.
  12. wasnt she a wreck before that?
  13. Meh. Nobody can explain what the fuck hapened at the end? I'm really clueless here. And to clear another point, did I miss any issue, sidestory or whatever in which it would be explained why gemma goes from a tough young woman who wants to be in her uncles footsteps and is actually likeable to the trainwreck we meet at Johns wedding. I didnt get that at all and its entirely possible that I missed an issue here or something I dont know. I thought there were meant to be nods to important hellblazer characters and I was baffled that Kit wasnt even mentioned (for me one of the more important characters) also, yay more screentime for finn than for Chas. What was this, what did I miss here? Sorry for the questions I only picked up the series 2 Years ago and then started reading from the beginning so I might missed something, all in all this issue made me a little sad.
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