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  1. Episode 9 seems to have been custom-designed to make me hate the show and everyone in it. Seth Rogen can suck my cock. Even if he does, I'll probably still be pissed off at him for bringing this nihilistic shit into the world. I wish he'd told us ahead of time that the whole thing would be just another one of his sardonic eye-rolls. I mean, say what you will about the sappy sentimentality of the books - at least it's a fucking ethos. Or, whatever, fine. Be hip and detached and ironic and refuse to believe in anything. Make a show that might as well just be a two-second clip of you saying "Iunno?" looped into eternity. But do you think maybe we could also have a single character who isn't totally vile*? Do you think we could stop pretending that a tone-deaf atrocity parade counts as good film-making, good writing, or pretty much anything other than a huge glaring mark against humanity as a general concept? Do you think we could make Preacher great again? So yeah, for someone who enjoys a lot of hyper-violent media, I'm really inclined to turning on shows as soon as they start smearing the screen with gratuitous, hateful violence and acting like they're above it all. The show's always struggled with tone when it comes to extreme violence, often thinking it counts as a punchline, but I'm trying to think of any way that the Ratwater massacre could've been portrayed that might have been more tasteless, exploitative or adolescently smug than the way this episode did it. I'm failing. The closest I can think of is if maybe they played it over and over, ad fucking nauseum, only no - the show went and did that, didn't it? Because an injection of mind-numbing tedium is exactly what we need after nine episodes of the world's slowest plot development. That'll really kick things into gear. I'm thinking probably fuck this shit. It's less Preacher than it is Crossed. And I don't mean the Garth Ennis Crossed, I mean the bad Crossed. ...I suppose I'll try and watch 10 at some point, just like I'll try to get this sore tooth of mine looked at by a dentist at some point. So, grudgingly, and possibly as a hostage. -Gwi "Worst. Episode. Ever" lym P.S. I'm willing to entertain the possibility that my recent onset of massive depression may well have contributed to my negative response to the episode, but to be honest I prefer to believe I'm doing god's work and self-righteous internet ranting will lead us all to the promised land *OR if you absolutely insist on doing the big shocking emotional point-of-no-return moment, maybe earn it? Make it seem like the characters are doing it, rather than just being puppets to your random whims? Jesse Pinkman didn't tearfully kill a man because he realised he'd wandered into a bad adaptation of Hellraiser. There was an actual build-up, with thoughts and emotions and everything. It was wild. You should watch that show. It might even give you an idea for a scene you can recreate, shot-for-shot, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
  2. ah, the dulcet tones of frankie faison
  3. It gave me an excuse to post the gazebo blowjobs article, so I don't think you have anything to apologise for but yes, boil them
  4. yeah it's one of my favourites if I could do a grey-bearded sage voice I'd be constantly reading it out loud
  5. Is This The Article That Will Make Seventhcircle Reconsider His Position On Clickbait?
  6. When an article ends with a question mark, the answer is always 'no.'
  7. Karl Suburban Also am I imagining things or does Quincannon's right-hand man look like Walking Dead? (I've never seen that show, but I assume it's the main character's name)
  8. I wasn't wild about this thread continuing, since it could easily turn into trash-talking someone who isn't here, but I'm glad it was you doing it, LC. It's possible that it's as simple as you not being a straight white male, but your angles on things are always interesting. Plus you write long posts so it's kind of a feast. I also think you've also found a point of agreement: the idea that a lot of left-leaning is bogus, and just for show. This is definitely true, and it's just as definitely the reason for anti-left sentiment. When people rail against political correctness, it's usually because they find it dishonest, and a lot of the time it is.
  9. I'm still on board, but I hope they'll at some point decide to make an episode that's actually satisfying. Just as an experiment. I enjoy the minute-to-minute stuff, but pretty much every episode's ended with me thinking "That's not a conclusion or a cliffhanger; that's where the episode should've started."
  10. I just cried myself to sleep, so I wouldn't be able to respond anyhow
  11. Differing opinions are nothing new. I know you won't agree about that, since it goes against the hive-mind persecution theme you've for some reason decided to run with, but those differing opinions are the whole reason this message board works, and includes actual conversations. I'm talking about the flecks of self-righteous spittle flying all over the place. Those are new. I'm sure you've parsed some kind of of personal insult from my words already, so I'll just say it: you're being utterly vile. Some of my best friends are cringe-inducingly homophobic (I know you've denied this part, but stay tuned; there's a payoff coming), but few of them would be clueless enough to wander into a social gathering and twice use a gay slur (there it is) in their opening sentences before patting themselves on the back for how brave they were to do so. And if they genuinely wanted to start a discussion, they probably wouldn't make bizarre blanket statements about anyone who disagrees with them being some kind of brainwashed leftist something-or-other. That's how you start a fight, not a conversation. Anyway, just to prove that I can do pedantic nitpickery if I absolutely have to: "the clannish need for diversity" is a nonsense term. It's a paradox, and not the good kind. You might as well refer to "pro-immigration xenophobia" or "fascist anarchy." I'd rather you didn't, though.
  12. If you've ever wondered whether or not this forum is on the internet, this thread provides the clearest (and perhaps only) evidence so far
  13. I'll just blink politely in the meantime
  14. Are we meant to respond? This seems less a conversation starter than a pronouncement
  15. I liked it! I'm on board. I was surprised by just how much they changed stuff, but it all worked, and it was clear throughout why they'd picked up the license. It's the amount of fealty and newness that I like to see in an adaptation. It wasn't the what-the-christ-seriously-why-are-you-even of Lucifer or the tone-deaf-but-I-guess-kind-of-earnest-toothless-cover-band of Constantine. Speaking of which, it took me a while to realise that was the same Lucy Griffiths from the Constantine pilot. Here's hoping she makes it as far as episode two! It's strange to think how the main problem back then was how dull she seemed - here she was just effortlessly interesting. OTHER THOUGHTS: -you-know-who is adorable but he needs more drool (then again his you-know-what looks FAR more like a you-know-what than in any of Dillon's drawings, so there's that) -his dad's surprisingly cuddly as well -Jesse is Karl Urban -Tulip is Tank Girl -Tulip is apparently played by the BEARER OF THE CURSE. SEEK SOULS woman from Dark Souls 2 and that is inconceivable to me -TULIP IS TANK GIRL -a brief moment of potential kinkphobia of the typical Ennis variety, but in hindsight I have no idea what the fuck that bit actually was -video pirates who encode in excellent quality and then cut off the end credits should all be paper-cut to death -the punchlines were all way too telegraphed but still somehow worked -I realise it's ambiguous what I meant by 'punchline' there but pretty much any example you can think of should fit that -bit too much violence, treated with a level of glibness that's honestly quite hard to gauge or parse at this point -I don't envy the writers having to figure out how to make Jesse-with-the-voice not be a kinder, gentler Kilgrave
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