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  1. seventhcircle

    Constantine and Batman in Batman: Damned - Starting This September

    I'm sick and tired of "I'm John constantine: I lie". It's not like he was some sort of the greatest conman there was that occasionally lied and played games, no it's just pathological by now. At the height of it lying was his superpower... Artwork is amazing.
  2. seventhcircle

    Black Hammer and the worlds of Jeff Lemire

    Is he? I only know him from the jld days and have been avoiding the name since. What else would you recommend by him?
  3. seventhcircle

    Yes, Virginia. There is a Shazam movie (coming soon)

    But he won't be in shazam, but in his own black Adam movie as far as I understand.
  4. seventhcircle

    The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    This looks insanely sexy i mean, he actually made deadman look cool.
  5. seventhcircle

    Garth Ennis Loves Superheroes and Soldiers and Lesbians

    i have bought two tps of the boys, that collect up to issue 30. quite a ride. i love garf.
  6. seventhcircle

    Happy ?

    It's superb. I got the book a while ago as a tpb( all the hype from you guys on Morrison and the multiversity tpbs got me interested) and I must say: so far so good :) And btw: Hunter S Thompson crossed with The Terminator fitting!
  7. seventhcircle

    Comics we want

    You Brits and your weird banter
  8. seventhcircle

    American Gods

    really? egh :(
  9. seventhcircle

    Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Is it that surprising?
  10. seventhcircle

    Not a hoax

    so maybe sean made his head so big, because it's about to explode?
  11. seventhcircle

    Not a hoax

    yes the head. and he somehow made the superman-onesie look like it's painted into the picture with ms-paint.
  12. seventhcircle

    Garth Ennis Loves Superheroes and Soldiers and Lesbians

    Eh. In his heart of hearts he is an old fashioned macho. I don't hold it against him.
  13. seventhcircle

    The Hellblazer #19 At last, the 1988 show !

    Damn ade you set quite an expectation
  14. seventhcircle


    He had almost twice my lifetime to cultivate that, so no.
  15. seventhcircle


    Jesus. I would produce an opus that size for that.