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  1. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    related my favorite rob leifield related article ever
  2. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    that sounds excellent, lol
  3. i don't know. something about it looks a bit too much like tales from the crypt meets dragonball. but thats just looks. if its a faithful adaption im in.
  4. that looks half decent.
  5. Happy ?

    the comic was crazy. this is even more. holy...
  6. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    can this thread be made only accesible to the members again please? i realize it's not a big hurdle, but i feel like the pictures of kids and us folks should be a little protected.
  7. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    some day he will propably refer to bogart as jonny blaze then?
  8. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians* (Books)

    i didn't feel like you singled me out or anything. i think i have been here long enough to know how to take stuff. also specifically my first post was definetly not the best way to open a discussion. i really don't want to discredit anyone in finding it interesting or whatever. i often find it pretty valuable to hear other peoples opinions on the hows and whys of their opinions. pretty sure thats just general human behavior. it's definetly not an enlightened approach, but ignorance and prejudice gets to all of us from time to time. i don't take offence in getting called out on it. (btw: enlightened is such a terrible word. i always think of buddha when i read it. there should be a better word for the philosophical meaning. the german word 'aufklärung' is btw the same one we use for sexual education so i don't know if it's better.) thats pretty well condensed what my stance is. ha. i had thought of the exact same comparisons. especially the jesus one just didn't feel right, no matter how i looked at it.
  9. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    sorry i don't know how it looks on a phone.
  10. What's going on with you?

    i get that. their high-pitched singing is super annoying.
  11. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians* (Books)

    I get what you want to say: to have an educated opinion, you have to go to the source yourself. I generally agree, i just can't find the waste my time with every rambling mad men that got published. i consider myself pretty open, but i really have a hard time understanding the appeal in ancient astronauts and the like. like i get people wanting contacts with aliens to be a real thing. but i had watched some documentaries back in my teens that was produced with von däniken for german television and it's all so... flawed. *mein kampf ;) it's a retarded book. it's not as much evil, as it's plain out bad. even as a racist-right wing propaganda-book. there is one chapter where hitler had basically wanked off to animal-metaphors so hard, that i halfway through had no idea anymore what it was about... my personal highlighit of the book is the sentence (freely translated): "A goose will always be a goose, as a fox will always be a fox." - i get what he wants to say, but even in context, thats just... elementary school level prose. you could change the author, rename it ramblings of a mad-men and nobody would propably notice which book it is (there are chapters, that simply end with "... et cetera", he compares the aryan uber-race to working horses, it's all so fundamentally lazily bad). Also: I disagree with the notion that the kapital is an evil book (if books can be evil is a different question...), or that you could compare it to mein kampf. one is the theoretical approach to the hows and whys of the working class getting shafted in a capitalist society, while the other is a long metaphorical explanation of a racist ideology. thats fundamentally different. and while the kapital is one source for the foundation of socialist ideologies, the book itself does not perpetuate those ideologies. it's long and boring and from time to time incredibly naive (which i assign to it being a child of it's time) and people don't have to read it. thats the beauty of capitalist critique, you don't have to have any idea whats going on, to understand that cambodian women sewing footballs together for a mothly salary, you and i would be insulted by as a daily salary, while not being allowed to take a piss-break is something that is inherently wrong and that there should be a system in place that prevents such things. instead our financial system incentivises it.
  12. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    twirly guy :D can i get a high-res picture of that shelf? i want to see whats in your library :)
  13. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    you can just drag a picture into the writing area pooks
  14. Alan Moore Hates Us All

    if i am not mistaken it's part of my tpb of neonomicon. i iked the courtyard actually, apart from the dream-pictures (especially the 2nd one is composed so badly, all three of them look so naive).
  15. Alan Moore Hates Us All

    finished reading providence and had a look back at neonomicon. It's beatiful how it all ties together (even though the neonomicon was in bad tast and weak and some of the dream-art there was as well imho).
  16. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    i second that notion
  17. Thanks, Ade!

    we noticed :D. thanks ade!
  18. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians* (Books)

    ok. and pardon my ignorance, but why do you read stuff like that?
  19. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians* (Books)

    are you really reading von däniken? that guy's nuts
  20. Comics Shipping the Week of Sept 25th

    saga gets only shipped as tpb and next is coming here in 2018... :/ it's still an amazing series.
  21. Trinity

    god damn you lemire
  22. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    oh true, it would'nt have been the worst hellblazer story, but thats about the extent to which i would go. like dog said, it was propably for the better how it played out after all. what shoot did was set precedence on how far the creative freedom at vertigo really goes and for that it deserved mystification. in the end columbine should not be enough reason to pull this story, even if it was sub-par. we all know, that if we would really look into the WHY of school-shooting, we would get an answer, that we as a society are afraid to face, that there is transformation required from all of us, that the western world with it's narcicisst-centric reward-driven model for society is not a good place to raise children and that everyone is at fault: the parents, the teachers, the media, the schoolmates and politicians. but after every-school massacre, after every mass-shooting, we always do the same bullshit: we talk about guns and about video games/music/movies and about how a single ill mind is not represantative of all of us (spoileralert: it is), or of any problem at all. i am not saying that i know what to do, because that would be a lie, but i think that we need a different kind of debate, not dominated by agendas of dubious acteurs and for that i would take in any voice, even this lunatic from essex that writes stories around little colored pictures. Our biggest problem as a society is the superficiality to which we so often succumb. Whereas humanities biggest strength is in inventing, experiencing and exploring the unknown no matter how afraid we are of it. History has shown that there is no such thing that humanity can't master and that our biggest weakness is our fear to do so out of conformity. In other words: i think pulling a book for reasons of decency is a shit move.
  23. Marvel's One World Order

    oh sorry, i didn't realize that. imo millar works best if he can just work tropes into absurdidity. from recent years, i really liked his old man logan. but in the end his style does leave me always missing some substance i never really gotten into mainstream marvel after 'the initiative', 'civil war' marked my first try to get into comics and that turned me off. i did the mistake and gave them another shot with benids' 'the siege', which was equally awful. i am thinking about looking into punisher max at some point, but thats because it says ennis on it and not marvel.
  24. Marvel's One World Order

    you have thos darkside-prisons like guantanamo. which are not really comparable to concentration camps (hello moral relativism) but they work really similar to the civil war prisons. but yeah. i'm totally with you, i expect mainstream entertainment from marvel, not political statements at least in the main-stream universe. imo it works far better to create your own characters and set them up perfectly if you want societal/political statements. thats e.g. what v or transmet did and those are masterpieces. i also think that watchmen worked far better with the heros being pastiches of heros, instead of the actual heros (although if i remember that was not by alan's choosing). honestly now that i have read a lot more comics than i had last time we talked about civil war, the book looks even worse to me :D
  25. Marvel's One World Order

    at least they casted an ex-alcoholic. i think it would've worked better if cap was the one doing the authoritarian approach.