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  1. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Not directly written by Warren, but he does have a story credit on it, and the issue does imitate the style of its parent book in both writing and art very closely: The Wild Storm: Michael Cray #1 (out of 12) The premise of this series is Michael Cray hunting down warped versions of classic DCU heroes that exist in the new Wild Storm U, while adjusting to the changes brought about to his life. This first issue introduces Cray vs. Green Arrow, who has been reimagined as a gentrifying San Franciscan millionaire (not too far off from current Silicon Valley types!) who flows weapons and narcotics into poor neighborhoods to drive up their crime rates (in order to launch political campaigns to crack down on said crime) and as a byproduct of PTSD from the island hunts kidnapped men "Most Dangerous Game" style . The Flash is next up in the third ish according to the solicits, and Batman was alluded to in this issue and I wouldn't be surprised if this series climaxes with Cray taking him on. I enjoyed this start, though I've always been a sucker for "evil alternate dimension-type" stories, and I will stick for the next issue to see how this first story resolves. I suppose though, that this series could always wind up "Warren angrily types for 12 issues about DC superheroes via proxy"
  2. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Another thing that bugged me about the Gemma rape is given that John created his Demon self out of his own unwanted bits, does that mean that deep down in John's darkest subconscious that there was already some part of him that sexually desired his niece? I suppose it is possible that it was the Nergal-extracted demon blood part of Demon Constantine acting, but still - what a vomit inducing possibility, Milligan!
  3. I found the music that played in this scene rather unfitting - feels more suited to something like an action-heavy video game rather than Hellblazer. Not too much of a fan of how Mictlantecuhtli and the demons look here (come off as rather generic-looking) though I do admit it was pleasant hearing what might be the first British Chas in a Hellblazer adaptation - assuming that is Chas, which I suppose would mean the live-action show's Chas doesn't exist in the continuity of Arrowverse Constantine.
  4. Marvel's One World Order

    http://www.businessinsider.com/marvel-partnership-northrop-grumman-angers-fans-2017-10 Marvel announces a promotion with a manufacturer of military arms. I don't see what exactly Marvel is supposed to get out of this partnership.
  5. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Isn't The Wild Storm Jenny Sparks also Asian in race as well now? Though given that the Old Wildstorm already had an Asian Jenny succeed the original Sparks, it's not exactly new radical ground Warren's treading here.
  6. DC Comics

    In the news from NY Comic-Con: Grant Morrison will be a co-writer of Sideways (Like Lemire's Terrifics book, this is a future spin-off of DC's current Metal event), a book about a new teenaged superhero powered by the Dark Multiverse, alongside Justin Jordan and Dan Didio. I'm guessing that Morrison will only be on for a couple of issues, to help sell the book with his name, and then it'll be 100% Jordan and Didio. Speaking of Lemire's Terrifics, the book is now featuring Tom Strong in its cast. I'm guessing DC wasn't content with just adding the Watchmen into the main universe when it comes to Alan Moore creations
  7. A Hellblazer miscellany

    John McCrea's recent #inktober tribute to Steve Dillon in the form of John
  8. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    The Newcastle two-parter is one of the Hellblazer stories I'm not too fond of for the reasons you mention, probably the worst of the twenty or so issue stretch that made up the Diggle era, though it was actually written by Jason Aaron. Though I did like how Aaron just magically resurrected John's old landlady, last seen dismembered via Nergal in the Delano days! (Carey also had a similar Unexplained Dead Character Resurrection though unlike Aaron he promptly returned said character to the dead) My favorite issues of Diggle's run were his opening arc (I treat the mobster opener and Ravenscar Casino as one story) plus the "Mortification of the Flesh" two-parter - it was nice seeing John and Ellie working together to scam the Vatican. With Diggle's Hellblazer, it's quite clear that he was a fan of Constantine and his stories were all competent but as you've mentioned the many callbacks and reuses of Hellblazer's past didn't always work towards his run's favor. While I didn't mind the changes brought about in the Ravenscar Casino and the Demon Baby arc that much, I wasn't too fond of the big reveal at the end that the Golden Boy had secretly been manipulating John the whole time post-Delano. I found it more powerful/relatable when the downward moments of John's life were the result of his own fuck-ups, rather than his multiverse abortion twin trying to break his spirit. Diggle's run began with swagger but I always felt that it ended on a bit of an abrupt anticlimax.
  9. Hellblazer pulp

    In addition to names like Spurrier and Mieville already mentioned, I wouldn't mind seeing what these writers could do with John: -Gail Simone -Tom King -David Hine -Ales Kot -Ed Brubaker
  10. Video Games

  11. DC Comics

    Wonder Woman #31 by James Robinson James Robinson's first issue of Wonder Woman is a mixed bag. His run has been tasked with wrapping up two of Geoff Johns' New 52 leftovers, the plot threads of Wonder Woman's long-lost twin brother and the rebirth of Darkseid as the multiverse's evilest baby which were introduced in Johns' Justice League. The majority of pages are dedicated to following a bearded Superman-lookalike that Robinson leads the reader to believe is Wonder Woman's brother, only for it to turn out that he's actually Hercules who then gets murdered by Darkseid's daughter (another Johns creation) who has been killing demi-gods and stealing their godly essence to use in some twisted puberty ritual to give her dad growth spurts. It's a fake-out twist that does work admittedly, but it feels like it could've been done in fewer pages. The issue as a whole gave me that feeling of "reads best in trade" decompression. I felt that this twin brother story could develop into something interesting (or equally disastrous) down the road, but the first issue didn't give enough of a strong impression to stick around to see how it unfolds in floppies.
  12. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I've said before that Carey's finale is probably my favorite ending to any Hellblazer run, in spite of the occasionally bumpy road leading up to it. "R.S.V.P." has a sense of finality to it, and I feel that in retrospect, if there was a place to satisfactorily end Hellblazer during its original run - this would be it. Looking forward to seeing what you make of the final three original Hellblazer runs.
  13. Trinity

    John Constantine x Wonder Woman is now my go-to crack-ship. Anyhow, as far as the idea of DC Trinities go, I feel that perhaps Etrigan, Doctor Fate, or Swamp Thing would've been a more fitting choice to pair John and Zatanna up with given how the other two trinities featured in this book were modeled - the powerhouse, the non-powered guy (or in John's case in comparison to his peers, I suppose the less-powered guy), and the girl.
  14. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    As the others have said, welcome to Hellblazer! As you make your way through the 300 original issues or after you finish them, I'd recommend reading some of the standalone mini-series and graphic novels that were put out along the course of Hellblazer's lifespan. Some of these - The Horrorist, All His Engines, Pandemonium, City of Demons, are just as great or worth checking out as what was put out in the main series. For my money, probably would make for a better follow-up read than the New 52 and Rebirth Constantine books!