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  1. What even was the purpose of the Batcock? I mean it's a pretty common trope to utilize male nudity to depict vulnerability, but did it actually call for several panels of Bruce's swaying Batawang? Really just seemed like a heavy handed attempt by Azzarello to show how adult this Batman story is. And now DC's announced they'll be censoring it in all future printings (they've already censored the digital editions) which means that DC's essentially made a collector's item out of Bruce Wayne's genitals. The nudity didn't add anything, but it does feel kind of contradictory to make a mature readers label to show all the stuff you can't in the mainline books, only to censor it... I guess it's just the old American adage that bullets blood and bad words are a-ok, but sexuality is a big no-no in action.
  2. I suppose this issue shows that in hindsight, it was good that Azzarello didn't have John doing narration for much of his Hellblazer run. Bermejo's art is a career best, but there isn't much to say about the words pasted over it.
  3. Ahead of Damned #1's release this Wednesday, Azzarello and Bermejo have done an interview for Syfy. In regards to John:
  4. GottaGetAGrip

    Comics Shipping the Week of September 17th 2018

    Wild Storm Mister Miracle and I'm probably making a huge mistake but I think I'll give Batman: Damned a shot...
  5. GottaGetAGrip

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    This is pretty neat: Richard Piers Rayner has been posting scans of his original pencils for Hellblazer #11. More pages can be seen on his Twitter.
  6. GottaGetAGrip

    Image Comics

    Brought the fourth and final volume of Brubaker & Phillips' Kill or Be Killed at the store recently, and binged through the entirety of the series. The beginning wasn't as strong as I had remembered reacting to it when I first read it, but it is a book that improves with every issue. For those who haven't read it yet, it's Brubaker doing his spin on the Vigilante Genre with a Deal with the Devil tossed in for good measure. A milquetoast grad student fails a suicide attempt, and begins to see a demon who forces him into a deal as punishment for trying to end his life. The deal is take a life every month, or he dies. Over the course of the series, he becomes more skilled of a killer as stakes escalate, while simultaneously losing more of his grip on sanity. Brubaker deconstructs the "one man war on crime" story, while railing about just how much the world sucks today and our helplessness to do a thing about it. Not the most original story to be told, but Brubaker adds enough of his own touches to avoid the whole thing feeling like a retread. On the art-front, I feel it definitely is the best that the Brubaker/Phillips/Breitweiser collabs have ever looked. Makes you wonder how a Punisher run by Brubaker would've gone. If there's much of a niggle, it's that at the end one of the biggest plot threads doesn't get too satisfying of a resolution.
  7. That dang Azzarello with his slang and accents!
  8. GottaGetAGrip

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    Chris Samnee, artist on Mark Waid's Daredevil run + other Mark Waid Marvel runs, recently posted a Constantine sketch on his Twitter:
  9. Art of the upcoming Constantine x SW Manor reunion Batman team-up "Damned" by Azzarello and Bermejo for DC's new mature-readers imprint Black Label has been floating around on the internet for a while, but now we finally have our look at the words of this tale. https://screenrant.com/batman-damned-comic-preview-constantine/ My first thought... what's up with the choice of font and style for John's narration here? I'm cautious regarding this project, overall. Maybe Azzarello will turn out a surprise worth reading like his Wonder Woman run, or maybe he'll get lost up his own "Azz" once again like a certain storyline concluding his run for certain character appearing in this story.
  10. GottaGetAGrip

    Marvel's One World Order

    What, you didn't love paying $6 for a comic hyped up as the return of the Fantastic Four but really it's a comic with half the Fantastic Four diddling around promising the full reunion for more of your money next month? (dunno why the F4 couldn't have been reunited in their big return issue hell just cut out that Dr. Doom story and there'd probably be adequate space to at least get all four of them on the same panel once... or maybe Slott would've just added even more pages of "Waiting for F4dot" if the Doom story wasn't there)
  11. GottaGetAGrip

    The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    Well, fortunately for you the Djinn stuff is almost over - the ending makes it rather obvious that Oliver was taken off the book earlier than he had planned (I recall him stating in early interviews that his initial Djinn Bender plan was a three-story arc - in the end he finished only two) and as such he had no idea how to satisfactorily resolve his Djinn Bender. Though the book just sort of meanders after that, bouncing from Tim Seeley to Richard Kadrey to Tim Seeley again like a game of hot potato until its cancellation. I have a feeling that Phillip Tan could be a good comic artist, but much of his art that I've seen ends up feeling half-finished, and hard to follow. Perhaps he's an artist who doesn't do monthlies well? Moritat was probably my favorite artist that they got on this incarnation of Hellblazer. His art wasn't perfect by any means but he had a unique style that fulfilled the "fantasy-creeping-into-mundane" and "urban social horror" vibe that I like when it comes to Hellblazer art. Too bad he was removed before Oliver finished his first storyline - his art did begin to look like he was straining under deadlines in his final issue so that could be why he was replaced but the replacements were definitely were not to my tastes. Jesus Merino did do a good job though on Seeley's first arc - wish he could have stayed to draw the remaining issues.
  12. GottaGetAGrip

    Venom: The Movie

    Though Spider-Man is now being used in Marvel's Cinematic Universe, Sony still owns the rights to make films for the various Spider-Man supporting characters and villains. So now we have a Venom movie on the horizon, without any of that Spider-Man stuff. Sony also has other Spider-Man less Spider-Man movies in development, presumably to set up their own Spidey Movie Universe for Spidey to play in if they decide to stop sharing with Disney. On the topic of Venom itself, it looks a lot like a gloriously silly extreme 90s Marvel comic brought to life.
  13. The animation will be getting compiled into a movie version, though the remaining episodes have yet to be released. According to JM DeMatteis, it'll contain some additional footage not seen in the episode format.
  14. GottaGetAGrip

    Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Small update from his latest newsletter regarding the remaining Wild Storm spin-offs, as Michael Cray comes to a close in the coming months. From the same newsletter, Warren reveals that two new issues of Trees have been written and assures us that Injection is not cancelled.
  15. GottaGetAGrip

    The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    It's a rather odd way to end a Hellblazer series - John gets a stiffy as Huntress verbally abuses him and then they make out. Oh, and he um also turned his ex-girlfriend into a vampire. Presumably the Djinn died on the way back to their home planet. Seeley's second story definitely was a step down and probably more from his first. Huntress' presence in the story never really did shake the feeling of her being out of place, and the role her backstory played in foiling the mobster's plans in this final issue were a blatant attempt at justifying her presence. And as nice as it was seeing Nergal and other familiar faces again, that excitement dims when it becomes apparent that there is not much to them in this story besides fan-service. (speaking of familiar faces why did Seeley use Blythe from the Tynion/Doyle Constantine as John's demon lady friend instead of Ellie? You'd think John might be a little wary about dealing with the demon who pretty much sent his boyfriend Oliver from that series to hell. I guess John ultimately cared about him as much as we did) John's girlfriend in this arc lacks any sort of compelling characterization to make me care what happened to her. She pretty much is just a plot device to motivate John, and she spent most of the story as a vessel for the mobster villains anyhow. And it was rather dickish, even for John, that his bright idea for saving her from demonic possession was to turn her into a vampire. I suppose it is a novel way to show that John dooms everyone around him. On the plus side, Davide Fabbri's art definitely improved compared to what he was putting out during Oliver and Kadrey's stints. This might just be the weakest ending to a Hellblazer/Constantine series yet. Bad as 300, New 52, and DCYou might have been their endings were the culmination of their writer's grand plot and tried to have some gravity to them. (Tried being the key word) This just feels like the start of an odd new status quo (Another wrench is thrown into Constantine and his roommate vampire ex-girlfriend's relationship when Constantine's cool new superhero girlfriend moves in!) that Seeley wanted to play with, only since the series is ending, these are just plot points that will probably be forgotten whenever DC tries again with Hellblazer. It's a directionless series that finally slowed to a stop, is what I can say to sum it up. Perhaps the best thing to do with John is to give his solo books a rest. People on the Internet like to say "give it back to Vertigo" but I feel Vertigo won't make much of a difference if the creative team has nothing interesting to say or try or much of a plan for the character. And a plan doesn't make much of a difference, considering Simon Oliver and all the rest had plans too...