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  1. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    So this is the cover to Michael Cray 7, according to Warren in his latest email newsletter. Notice what those letters spell on the bottom? Wonder if Bryan Hill is paying tribute to the Planetary issue where the Constantine stand-in turned into Spider Jerusalem?
  2. The Taggart-less Taggart approach

    It's been a running theory of mine that John's Rebirth title will soon be bumped off and then resurrected as Hellblazer V2 or maybe even Hellblazer 301 to help hype up Vertigo's planned relaunch this year. Though aside from putting a writer whose name alone can sell books on the comic, and given that DC seems content to keep their big-name writers on their big-name superheroes, I don't see much as capable of improving Hellblazer's financial future. I'm sure a "Return to Vertigo" will see some slightly increased sales but that's been the case with every relaunch thus far - followed by a quick plummet downwards. (next thing you know this post will have jinxed things and DC will have put Bendis on Hellblazer ) Anyhow I had some ideas that might be more feasible as Hellblazer Presents: Minis/One-shots than full-on ongoings. King Kon-Sten-Tyn as an immortal causing chaos through the ages in his pursuit for power - basically Highlander from the Kurgan's POV. An Occult Take on Trainspotting featuring the Crack Magic guy from Ellis' run. Weird erotic horror thing with Ellie as the lead - I can see a writer like Gail Simone doing something interesting with it. And of course, the untold story of Mange!
  3. Hellblazer #16

    That's not all! The latest solicits reveal that concurrent to the adventures of Huntress and John, John's going to be guest-starring in the Green Lanterns book too. Forget those Swamp Thing yarns, this is the definitive Hellblazer Goes Green story we've been waiting for! And given that a lantern is basically the same thing as a lamp, and lamps are what those pesky genies like to hang out in, could this be the long-awaited return of the dastardly Djinn? (I guess we're getting back to where John was during the New 52, where DC was having him guest-star in every book from I, Vampire to Amethyst only now its random superhero books instead of fellow "Dark" titles)
  4. A Hellblazer miscellany

    Juan Ferreyra, who did covers for the New 52 Constantine series, has been periodically posting John drawings he does in his free time to his twitter. Some of them:
  5. DC Comics

    https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/12/gerard-ways-young-animal-relaunches-its-core-comic.html Young Animal - one year later three of the original books are being re-launched and Way's Doom Patrol's perennial delays are pretty much a running gag at this point. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/01/18/alan-moore-jh-williams-promethea-jla/ Seems Christian was right in this thread when he speculated that DC was trying to kill Alan Moore... because now it looks like Promethea is being added to the DC Universe as well!
  6. Other comics we read recently

    For Christmas I got the "Uber Alles Edition" of Stray Bullets, a massive paperback which collects the entire original Stray Bullets by David Lapham series. I've read the first few issues of Stray Bullets a few years back as well as the sequel mini-series Killers, but this was the first time binging the entirety of the original series. And it was very much worth the hours spent going through all 1000+ pages. A damn fine read. Loved how each issue can work stand-alone but still contributes to an overarching story. (the last issue did feel a bit anti-climatic to me as far as an ending goes, I wonder how it felt to people who had waited for nearly ten years for Lapham to finish it?)
  7. Floronic Man was also the main villain of Alan Moore's first arc on the title. He was hired by the Sunderland Corporation to research Swamp Thing's "corpse" and was the one to discover that Moore's Swamp Thing was in fact a plant who thought he was a man, not a man who had been turned into a plant. And apparently that Constantine concept art was traced off a David Tennant 10th Doctor image: Must admit, there is more than a resemblance between poses.
  8. The link to the images According to the artist who uploaded these pics, these were part of a pitch by director Joseph Kahn to work on the unused Del Toro Dark Universe script. Contains concept art for Swamp Thing, Floronic Man, Zatanna, Jason Blood (no Etrigan tho), Deadman, and of course our boy John. Kahn has also shared the images on Twitter, along with a video of a Swamp Thing animation test. I'll admit, the Swamp Thing and Deadman designs are actually pretty good but dear God what the hell is up with that Constantine and Zatanna? Suddenly Keanu and TynionDoyle's John don't look so shabby! (anyone recognize what actors the concept arts were based off of? Jason Blood looks like Chiwetel Ejiofer to me but I can't place this John or Zatanna)
  9. The Hellblazer #18 (2017)

    Just imagine being someone who sees and picks up a gorgeous Sean Phillips The Hellblazer variant on the shelves, with no idea of the Davide Fabbri art waiting for him on the inside!
  10. Batman: The CG Anime Series

    I don't understand Japanese and there's no subtitles so I only have the vaguest idea what the hell is happening, but I suppose you would not be remiss in calling this the batshit craziest thing done with Batman since Miller went ASBAR.
  11. Hellblazer #16

    I have to agree, this one wasn't very good at all. Stuff happens here, but it's mostly the same old Hellblazer cliches and I can't find myself caring about any of it. John is just moving through the motions in this issue - auto-pilot is a very good term to describe how this issue feels. Is Davide Fabbri the only artist left in the industry willing to work on Hellblazer? I found his art utterly unfitting for a Hellblazer book when he first popped up during the very worst of Oliver's run and it hasn't improved with Kadrey - and judging by solicits, it seems he's on this book for the long haul. It's kind of hard to sell Hellblazer as a horror book when it more closely resembles an afterschool cartoon special - I'm half expecting these Scooby-Doo demons to start lecturing John on the dangers of smoking and drinking. I'm probably out for the rest of Kadrey's stay.
  12. DC Comics

    Doomsday Clock #1 (of 12) The first part of Geoff Johns' "epic" Watchmen meet DC superheroes sequel fanfic. Well, according to Geoff, Rorschach's diary at the end of Watchmen did get published and now the world is in chaos - it's now 1992 and the world is after Ozymandias' head as it teeters to the brink of nuclear war and also it seems that according to Geoff Trump became president 14 years ahead of schedule given two golf references on the same page! There's even a brand-new mysterious Rorschach running around! The only DC superhero that pops up in this issue is Superman at the end, as most of it is dedicated to setting up Geoff's vision of what happened after Watchmen. It's obvious in the writing that Geoff Johns wants to make this feel like a true Watchmen sequel, the issue even has supplementary in-world materials like the original Watchmen added in the back, but it's also obvious in the writing that Geoff Johns on his best day still isn't Alan Moore. What's here isn't a blatant disaster, but for something that DC has been hyping up for a couple of months now, it just comes and goes. Maybe they should've farmed this out to Grant Morrison, just for double the Moore coronary? I did have some morbid curiosity to see just how the rest of the series unfolds, but not enough to be compelled to want to buy the next issue over looking up a summary online. If you're going to buy any DC twelve-issue maxi-series at your shop... eh, I recommend picking up Mister Miracle instead.
  13. The Hellblazer # 15

    Looks like Tim will be back for another arc following Richard Kadrey according to DC's Feb solicitations: THE HELLBLAZER #19 Written by Tim Seeley, art by Davide Fabbri, cover by Tim Seeley, variant cover by Sean Phillips. "The Good Old Days" part one! John is back home in London, but he's not happy about it. A crime wave caused by young, aggressive gangsters interrupted his pursuit of Detective Chief Inspector Margaret Ames. Then she started acting strangely and refused to come to him for help...but going to her local priest could be the last mistake she'll ever make. 32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Feb. 28. Will be nice to see Sean drawing John again, even if it's just for a variant cover. (I wonder if DC just plans on alternating Seeley and Kadrey on three-issue arcs?) (Could've been worse I suppose, like Oliver coming back to finish his Djinn "epic...")
  14. Marvel's One World Order

    Looks like some major shake ups are coming at Marvel: current editor-in-chief Axel Alonso is being replaced by C.B. Cebulski. I'm guessing that the overall tepid-at-best response to Marvel Legacy was the final straw for Alonso. I'm not real familiar with Cebulski, so whether this constitutes a shift for better or worse for Marvel's books I can't say.
  15. Swamp Thing

    On the topic of Swamp Thing, he guest-stars in this clip of animated Mark Hamill playing with himself.