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    DC Comics

    The Batman's Grave #1 - the first issue of Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch's new Batman comic. Ellis focuses on a weary Alfred grappling with the possibility he might outlive Batman, along with a murder mystery Batman must solve after Ellis has him fill the obligatory quota of swinging around and punching bad guys. Ellis doesn't tread too much new ground here and in fact in one page has Alfred trot out almost word for word the pedestrian Twitter hot take that Batman is a rich psychopath who just likes beating up poor and mentally ill people. I wouldn't say that it was a horrible Batman comic, and fortunately Ellis doesn't waste the entire issue making Hitch draw dialogue-less fight scenes, but for me it didn't distinguish itself enough from all the other Batman books DC has published/is publishing to make me want to follow along in floppies. This is probably the best that Hitch's art looked in years, but I still feel that an Ellis Batman comic would've benefited more greatly from a collaborator like Shalvey or even the artist from The Wild Storm (Jon Davis-Hunt). If you want a Batman comic that emphasizes the detective aspect of his character, this might be worth checking out.
  2. With a bit of hyperbole, Immortal Hulk feels like it's doing for the Hulk what Alan Moore did for Swamp Thing. I'm not sure how the writer who follows what Ewing has done can go back to writing a regular old Hulk Smash comic. (though Marvel and their big red reset button will definitely try their hardest)
  3. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/john-constantine-returns-comic-book-roots-sandman-universe-presents-hellblazer-1245392 A preview of the comic with words, from the Hollywood Reporter of all sources. Hoping the ongoing proper is not as tied into the larger Sandman Universe narrative as this one-shot appears to be. Aside from good impressions of the art, I didn't feel too much about this preview after my first read through.
  4. Sara - by Garth Ennis, with art by Steve Epting and Elizabeth Breitweiser. From TKO Studios, yet another of these new creator-owned comics publishers that have been sprouting up lately. Their distinguishing schtick/gimmick is a Netflix-esque binge model, where all the single issues and the trade are released simultaneously. Ennis brings us another story about World War II, this time about a unit of female Soviet snipers battling it out with the Nazis in the wintertime and free of his more questionable Ennisisms. Epting and Breitweiser provide gorgeous illustration of Ennis' tense wartime action, even if Epting's depictions of these female soldiers comes off more as supermodels in uniform than hardened troopers - possible side effect of all those superhero comics he's worked on? If you're a fan of Ennis' prior war comics or his other stories about the costs of war upon the soul, this is a strong recommendation.
  5. GottaGetAGrip

    DC Comics

    Batman Inc Vol 2 (the New 52 relaunch) was the big finale to his Batman run, unless you count the various Batmen that he wrote in Multiversity as enough to count as part of his Batman run. There were reports a couple years ago that he was planning an Arkham Asylum sequel with Chris Burnham, but nothing has materialized since.
  6. Ahead of the incoming relaunch, Spurrier made a blog post about some of his goals for the book:
  7. Given that Marvel has an Eternals movie lined up for next year, wouldn't the comics division have wanted some fancy new relaunch of the property to coincide with the big screen version? Though perhaps it is possible they wanted to avoid a potential repeat of the Inhumans push and decided that yet another X-Men relaunch was the way to go.
  8. I also took advantage of Batman Day sales to pick up some digital comics on the cheaps. The two volumes of the Norm Breyfogle Legends of the Dark Knight hardcovers (probably the most comprehensive collection of Alan Grant's early Batman writing at the moment), and for some reason, the complete Batman vs. Predator.
  9. Metal was alright, not the worst thing I read by Snyder but also not enough to get him back into my good graces. I do have to second the statement that it feels too much like Snyder (and though I haven't read it, Snyder's on-going Justice League work from what I hear via the web) trying to do his own take on the Morrisonian multiverse epic. Though DC definitely loves Metal, because they're still milking the Dark Multiverse and Batman Who Laughs Stuff to date. Metal seems to be another occurence of Snyder doing that thing where he creates a character he'll try really hard to make a thing for a few years after their first appearance (The Batman Who Laughs) in spite of how much mileage they actually have until he just happens to lose his interest in them and they (usually) float off to limbo land. (See - The Court of Owls and his Batfamily additions from his Batman run)
  10. Lemire really hasn't had too much of a steady track record with his Big Two work for me to warrant jumping blindly into the floppies, and neither Inferior Five or Peacemaker are characters/concepts I'm familiar with or care enough about to be curious to see what Lemire would do with them, in contrast to say his upcoming Question Black Label mini.
  11. Marvel planning to party like it's 199X, huh?
  12. It's probably not a coincidence that a KOBK movie was put into development before the series even wrapped, though getting put into development and actually being made are two entirely different things. And ridiculous as the super-mullet looks, at least it was slightly better than all the issues Superman spends as a guy made out of blue electricity in Morrison's JLA. Morrison sure had to spend a lot of his run accommodating whatever was going on in the solo books of the JLA's members, didn't he?
  13. I read the first two Black Science trades from my library, and I've always been meaning to get further into that series. Evidently other patrons agree, because whenever I do get the chance to pop in there, there's always the third trade I'm looking for missing. Black Science was the favorite creator-owned thing I read from Remender, since Low and Seven to Eternity didn't do too much for me and I never felt the need to delve any further for those after the first trade.
  14. Nothing from the new list, but through some Amazon promotional code and Comixology witchcraft, I got the entirety of Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing for $3 and I suppose I might fit in a reread. (I remember Snyder's SS being a decent read, but it suffered from pacing/decompression issues - i.e., I don't think Swamp Thing shows up proper until the very last issue of his first arc)
  15. Fans of Ennis' Punisher rejoice, because Ennis has not just one, but two new Punisher mini-series in the works. https://www.newsarama.com/46604-ennis-returns-to-punisher-nick-fury-two-new-titles.html
  16. Could that first panel be some quality uncle-niece bonding time? (though it could just as easily be this run's brand-new Hellblazer girlfriend) (or better yet in grand-standing Hellblazer tradition, another ex-girlfriend of Johnny or figure from his past that he's never reminisced about prior to their first appearance in the comic)
  17. GottaGetAGrip

    DC Comics

    https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2019/08/14/grant-morrison-rewrites-reality-in-green-lantern-blackstars Grant Morrison's follow-up to his Green Lantern run will be the three issue mini, Green Lantern: Blackstars. Liam Sharp will be replaced by an artist named Xermanico for these issues. Given that Grant has referred to his twelve issue run as Season One of his Green Lantern, I wonder if this mini will be an interlude that will both lead into whatever his Season Two is and give Sharp some time off before he returns to draw Season Two.
  18. DC was planning to reprint the entirety of Hitman in new trades since the original ones are out of print, but cancelled the first volume and for whatever reason put out this Greatest Hits compilation in its stead. My only guess is that someone at DC decided that they were inevitably going to disappoint fans when they cancelled the reprints two volumes in like they tend to do, so might as well get the disappointing out of the way early this time!
  19. GottaGetAGrip

    DC Comics

    The annual is stand-alone from what Morrison's been doing in the proper monthly. From what I gathered reading it:
  20. Just as a heads up, the three issues of WildCATS by Ellis that have been solicited have already been pushed back before one issue is out in the wild. Based on Jim Lee's tweet here, it sounds like they want it so that most issues are in the can before they start releasing them to avoid mid-publication delays.
  21. Marvel put out a "Carnage Classic" trade a couple of years ago that collected Mind Bomb and other "classic" Carnage tales but I imagine that for people who just want to read an Ellis Carnage story, that $1 reprint is a far better deal than having to pay $35 cover price for a trade to get Mind Bomb along with a bunch of Carnage stories not by Ellis.
  22. He won't be drawing the one-shot but the artist on the ongoing proper Aaron Campbell has tweeted out a vid of him finishing up a drawing of Constantine. If nothing else, at least this will be the most Hellblazer has looked like a Hellblazer book in years.
  23. GottaGetAGrip

    DC Comics

    Tom King and Mitch Gerad's follow-up to their Mister Miracle maxi-series will be Adam Strange. Adam Strange has never been a character I've felt strongly about one way or the other, but if King has another mature deconstruction of a B-list character in the vein of his Mister Miracle and Vision (and possibly inspired by A Scanner Darkly and other PKD works if his tweeted quote is anything to go on) in store, I am definitely in for the first issue.
  24. Declan Shalvey would've been a great choice since he and Ellis already have their six Moon Knight issues to show how well they go together for street level superhero fight stories, though I suppose that Ellis-Shalvey on Batman would also add like another few years to the current Injection hiatus.
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