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  1. This new JLD animation contains a scene with a revelation that Brian Azzarello of Doglick fame probably wishes he thought of.
  2. https://nerdist.com/article/free-scooby-doo-comics-dc/ If you're in the mood for over 250 free Scooby-Doo comics, DC has just the thing for you. (Marvel and Dark Horse also added more free books on Comixology and their respective digital storefronts a few weeks back)
  3. Well for those who are interested in these kinds of things, Warren Ellis (and Garth Ennis somehow) have been roped by Scott Snyder into writing tie-ins for his next big DC event, the sequel to Dark Nights Metal. Warren's own words: "Yes, there is an evil Batman who is also a T-Rex. This is a thing I discovered when I was asked to write a two-page short comic about an evil Batman who is also a T-Rex. This is out on August 25. This is lockdown psychosis in full effect. “Hey, Warren, Scott Snyder invented an evil Batman who is also a T-Rex. Can you do me a two-page origin story of The Evil Batman Who Is Also A T-Rex?” And I say yes. Obviously."
  4. I'm somewhat surprised at the number of Hollywood-level actors partaking in an audio drama adaptation. (Makes me wonder if there's going to be some crossover between this cast and the cast of the in-development Netflix adaptation - though I can't exactly picture Egerton as a live-action John and much less James McAvoy as Dream)
  5. Who knows about the future of the book, but we'll scheduled for a double dosage of Hellblazer in June.
  6. The only upside of this quarantine is that I've had some time to tackle various items in my digital and physical reading list. Brubaker's Secret Avengers - An espionage-themed team of Avengers with members like Moon Knight and the Eric O'Grady version of Ant-Man written by Ed Brubaker should've been more entertaining or creative than what Brubaker turned out which felt like pretty standard genre fare. It's a rather underwhelming effort and some members of Brubaker's team like Moon Knight feel underutilized. Brubaker feels like he lost interest in the book at the end when he just leaves the book with the overarching villains of his run just running about, presumably to be dealt with by the following writers. Warren Ellis' brief Secret Avengers run - Stand-alone, done-in-one stories with a strong team of revolving artists. Witty one-liners, long fight scenes, and far-out concepts as well as some less pleasant Ellis-isms like a good chunk of the stories abruptly ending. Not the best or most original of Ellis, but I had more fun reading his six issues compared to the twelve-issue one Brubaker had. Ultimately though, Ales Kot's later Secret Avengers run is the best book bearing the name that I've read. And on the topic of Moon Knight - the Charlie Huston run on the book. I've not read his novels, but this comic definitely didn't make me feel like doing so. It's an average at best, run of the mill "mid to late 00s" grim and gritty Marvel book. David Finch's (and later Mico Suayan's) art doesn't help matters much in dispelling that feel. It's only Tomm Coker's contribution to Huston's last issue that stands out in a positive manner artwise. Huston does attempt to do some interesting things with Moon Knight's mental state and Khonshu but Jeff Lemire's later run accomplished these similar themes far more effectively. A trade collection of DC/Dark Horse crossovers. It hasn't gotten off to a great start, even for a bunch of throwaway intercompany crossovers. Superman vs. Predator was written by David Michelinie and turned out to be a very bad waste of early Alex Maleev art. Next up was Superman vs. Terminators by Alan Grant, and unfortunately it isn't much of a step up in quality - feels like Grant did this one purely for the paycheck but I suppose if you're going to phone in a comic to pay the bills it might as well be Superman vs. Terminators. The next story is Robinson and Mignola's Hellboy/Batman/Starman crossover so hopefully at least some enjoyment can be wrung out of this trade! Nocenti's Daredevil - first time reading stories from her run via the two Epic Collections. The collections begin part-way through her run, starting with the Typhoid Mary stories. Nocenti's style of writing does feel dated in that wordy and purply 80s style, but I appreciate the social angle (albeit with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer) she brings to her Daredevil stories and the stories with Mephisto and Blackheart are highlights. JRJR's art, who has always been hit or miss for me, works better for me here than many of his modern efforts. The downside is that the second collection brings in annuals not by Nocenti - most egregious a crossover between the Daredevil, Hulk, The Punisher, and Silver Surfer annuals that only tangentially involves DD. It feels like the annuals are here just to pad out the length of the collection, so a third Epic Collection could collect the remainder of her run.
  7. DC has made several first issues for various stories free: https://www.comixology.com/DC-Essential-Reads/page/23690
  8. DC is planning to begin releasing comics again on April 28. https://www.newsarama.com/49869-dc-to-start-publishing-new-comics-april-28.html And the intricacies of their planned method of distribution.
  9. I suppose making it free was the only way Marvel could ever get me to read AvX... Dark Horse's offerings - mostly single issues, but there is an entire BPRD trade: https://digital.darkhorse.com/pages/246/free-dark-horse-comics 2000 AD is giving away a Judge Dredd collection - credited writers are Alan Grant and John Wagner: https://shop.2000ad.com/catalogue/GRN281
  10. Looks like the ComicsHub idea is a no-go: https://www.newsarama.com/49692-comichub-temporary-distribution-system-isn-t-going-forward.html
  11. I wonder if issues for that one 90s Batman crossover Contagion about a killer virus hitting Gotham City have also gone up in value as of late.
  12. 2020 Visions, courtesy of a new trade edition. As far as I'm aware, it's the first color reprinting of 2020 Visions - the original covers were not included and it is printed in smaller dimensions than the average trade paperback however. In most respects, Delano's speculative 2020 is even worse than what we've actually gotten, but the detail about the new plague in the first story sure hits a lot differently as of late. It also comes with a new intro by Delano, where he describes his plotting on Hellblazer and Animal Man along the lines of making it up as he went in contrast to a more structured approach to 2020 Visions. That does explain the latter half of his Animal Man run, in all honesty.
  13. I've not read her work on Swamp Thing, but on the bright side, an omnibus is plenty of pages and people will need all the paper they can get in the event of a toilet paper shortage. (I'm surprised that an omnibus of a fairly obscure Swamp Thing run actually made it to print without DC cancelling it due to low preorders or some other reason...) Not buying anything new, but Comixology was offering the entirety of Hickman's East of West for $17 so I picked that up.
  14. I'm not sure if DC would be willing to allow their writers to write about Coronavirus while it's an ongoing issue in the real world, even with the new Hellblazer being apart of the mature-rated Black Label now. Higher-ups might find it too topical a topic to touch, similar to school shootings in regards to the Shoot issue.
  15. Constantine will be playing a role in Tom Taylor's DCEASED sequel. DCEASED is DC's belated version of Marvel Zombies alternate universe zombie apocalypse story. Taylor has previously written John in the Injustice comic, which was a surprisingly solid take on John considering it was for a video game tie-in. (or perhaps it just seemed better considering New 52 John Constanteen was the only other alternative at the time) I don't plan on picking up the books, but this is a nice variant cover styled after an iconic movie poster that features John:
  16. https://warrenellis.ltd/work/work-faq-march-2020/ Warren posted a blog with some updates on his comics work: -Injection remains on indefinite hiatus due to Declan Shalvey's workload. -Trees has ended -The Batman's Grave is just taking a skip month and will presumably finish on schedule. Great for the people who are reading and enjoying it, I suppose! -Wildcats is now officially cancelled due to artist troubles. Nothing on the general future of his Wildstorm reboot, but I presume it is bleak..
  17. I suppose the writers were taking inspiration from Geoff John's direction in the later half of his New 52 run where he had Luthor reform (I guess) and join the Justice League. Or maybe it's one of those cases where the situation is so desperate the heroes need a human shield to "accidentally" push in front of a laser blast must temporarily forego current enmities. Here's the trailer: I suppose that between stuff like this and his stay in the CW shows, it was a Monkey Paw that granted the wish for Matt Ryan to reprise his role as Constantine.
  18. If that really is Old Man John turning heel and getting cozy with Right Wingers, maybe Spurrier was inspired by the kind of aged punk rockers who pivoted from singing about anarchy and rebellion against the system to singing praises of Brexit and Trump? Though it is also possible that this is part of a scheme he's playing to get Young John where he needs to be - in the time that's passed between #300 and now, perhaps Old Man John has become willing to make the kind of decisions that not even Classic Vertigo John at his most cynical and self-serving was capable of.
  19. Spurrier has confirmed on his Twitter that he plans for all his stories to be three issues at most and his run to be a series of these short stories that cohere into a larger macro plot. So at the very least, if he happens to write a bad story, at least it won't go on forever like some Constantine tales of years past...
  20. https://comicbook.com/dc/2020/02/21/exclusive-justice-league-dark-apokolips-war-cast-revealed/ The animated movie is getting a sequel this year - though by all accounts, it seems to be a regular Justice League movie that has Constantine and the other faces from the magic crowd tossed in. So who knows why it's explicitly labeled Justice League Dark. Maybe cause they're fighting Darkseid? These kinds of images still hurt to look at, to be honest.
  21. Remember Warren Ellis' webcomic Freakangels? It's now getting an animated adaptation from the anime streaming service Crunchyroll: https://warrenellis.ltd/work/freakangels-adapted-for-animation-at-crunchyroll The webpage for the original comic now sadly seems to be defunct. f
  22. This arc was very much a safe, "back to basics" kind of story but unlike Tynion/Doyle or Oliver's ill-fated attempts to restore John to a Classic Hellblazer kind of feeling after he went full superhero in the New 52, Spurrier's actually been managing to pull it off. Spurrier's John feels like he could've stepped off the pages of the original Hellblazer, and Spurrier writes a world for him to inhabit more like our own and less like the world of cape-filled skies John had gotten trapped in for the past decade (even with the questionable plot of Old Man John lurking in the shadows and masterminding things) Hopefully Spurrier makes the run truly his own in his future issues, but for now, it's the most optimistic a new Hellblazer launch has made me thus far. Though I said similar things about the last two and look how they turned out... but to Spurrier's credit, he's managed to sustain his promise for an entire arc where Oliver's promise began steadily plummeting before his first arc had wrapped. (Benefits of keeping things contained to three issues instead of trying to stretch it out to six issues, I suppose.) (I have not reread the Tynion/Doyle Blazer so I don't remember if it was before or after their first arc had wrapped that things all went to hell...)
  23. It's that time of the year again: another rumor about Justice League Dark films and other projects in development that will probably ultimately go nowhere! This time it's JJ Abrams' production company Bad Robot at the helm. Oh boy, one step closer to seeing the iconic Justice League Dark characters like Nick Necro and Waiting For Mindwarp on the big screen! (Though Bad Robot did produce the solid war horror film Overlord, so they might actually be capable of at least a few decent takes on DC Horror and Magic...)
  24. The last Jonah Hex series DC did (titled All-Star Western) by Palmiotti and Gray did ditch the whole conventional western angle to place Hex in more outlandish situations, though these situations were probably way more connected to the wider DCU (i.e. Hex working in 19th century Gotham or time-traveling to meet random DC faces including the New 52 Constantine) than something Ennis probably would write if DC ever let him do a Hex book. (and it honestly was much weaker than their conventional westerns Jonah Hex book that preceded it) Given Ennis is a fan of Cormac McCarthy, I'd half expect him to work in an unofficial adaptation of Blood Meridian into his hypothetical Hex book. (DC honestly ought to offer Ennis the chance to do a serious western or war book one of these days though, instead of yet another comedic mini-series that comes off half of or all the time like something he wrote to amuse himself while drunk)
  25. I read Brian K. Vaughan's Swamp Thing run after picking up the digital trades on sale a couple weeks back... and it was... competently average. I enjoyed Tefe's anti-hero characterization (which is honestly what kept me going with the book). The two issues where she encounters her fathers were highlights, but I found the bulk of the supporting cast Vaughan built around Tefe forgettable caricatures and a good deal of what happened in his twenty or so issues just blurs together. I was annoyed by his penultimate storyline where he sets up some future plot threads that he immediately waves off with a line of dialogue in the next issue cause the book got cancelled, I imagine I'd be a wee bit more incensed if I'd been buying his run when it was coming out. If nothing else, I wouldn't mind seeing some writer (well, maybe not all writers) take a crack at bringing Tefe back. There's much potential with her character that I feel Vaughan only brushed the surface of.
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