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    DC Comics

    TBH, no Dixon is probably a good thing since his story probably would've consisted of Batman teaming up with Trump and Bane to put those Libs back in their place! But just the prospect of reading more Kevin Smith Batman is enough to avoid a purchase of that! Tomasi's always struck me as a competently unremarkable at best writer, in that he's never written anything blatantly offensive or terrible but never has quite written anything that would rank up there amongst the greats. I wonder if that's a better or worse fate for Detective Comics than Action Comics, which was taken over by Bendis after its 1000th issue. Johns and Bendis are pretty big name writers, but Batman's not exactly the first character that pops to mind when you think of their all-time must-read comic runs. In the case of Johns, his Batman Earth One books probably skew closer to the must-avoid stories! Likewise, Ellis and Priest are good writers, but they're not exactly writers I'd associate with Batman. In that list, O'Neill and Dini seem to be the only non-recent major Batman writers doing stories. No Grant, Englehart, Moench, or even Miller. Morrison somehow missed out on both the 1000 celebrations for Batman and Superman, and while Brubaker seems to have sworn off Big Two work at the moment with his Image exclusive contract, where's Rucka for that matter?
  2. GottaGetAGrip

    Best comics of 2018

    Mister Miracle Did Kill or Be Killed end this year? If so, I'll add that as well. Some of the mentions here I should hurry up in checking out, like Days of Hate and Lemire's works. (I did read the first arc for Gideon Falls, but I don't know if I enjoyed that one enough to call it one of my 2018 favorites) I feel it's a bit too early to be placing Green Lantern on the list, though it is shaping up to be a bundle of joyful Morrison lunacy.
  3. Art of the upcoming Constantine x SW Manor reunion Batman team-up "Damned" by Azzarello and Bermejo for DC's new mature-readers imprint Black Label has been floating around on the internet for a while, but now we finally have our look at the words of this tale. https://screenrant.com/batman-damned-comic-preview-constantine/ My first thought... what's up with the choice of font and style for John's narration here? I'm cautious regarding this project, overall. Maybe Azzarello will turn out a surprise worth reading like his Wonder Woman run, or maybe he'll get lost up his own "Azz" once again like a certain storyline concluding his run for certain character appearing in this story.
  4. GottaGetAGrip

    Constantine and Batman in Batman: Damned - Starting This September

    I remember when Ennis did the same thing for that character for a cameo in his All-Star Section Eight mini, but unlike Azzarello, he intended for it to be a joke instead of taken seriously.
  5. GottaGetAGrip

    DC Comics

    Martian Manhunter #1 (of 12) - By Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo Steve Orlando was a writer who was initially on my radar because I enjoyed his Midnighter run that came out during the end days of the New 52 era, but he since fell off it due to several subpar DC Rebirth books. I'm not too big a fan of the Martian Manhunter, but I'm guessing Orlando's reinvention of the Martian Manhunter as a Martian dirty cop with a strained family life could be a turn off for some fans. The book is split between flashbacks of Martian Manhunter's time on Mars to a present storyline of him masquerading as a cop on Earth and solving crimes while haunted by his past. Orlando tries for blend of noir and sci-fi, but the murder investigation of the present segments are decidedly duller than the Mars segments, which let Riley Rossmo unload and draw weird aliens having weird alien sex. Alien sex aside, there wasn't too much in this book that stood out for me and I probably won't be back for #2. Shazam #1 - By Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham This is Geoff Johns' first DC ongoing since his New 52 Justice League, and the only thing I believe he's writing for them atm besides his perpetually delayed Watchmen sequel fanfic. (Coincidentally, this book's future issues have also been hit with delays) It picks up from the status quo he established New 52 Shazam story, with Billy Batson and his family of foster siblings functioning as a team of superheroes through the power of Shazam. The bulk of the issue is dedicated to reintroducing the character and establishing the state of his world, ending with a cliffhanger for the next issue. Billy Batson's characterization is closer to his pre New 52 self, and the overall tone is much lighter. Eaglesham's art does a great job of continuing the style established by Gary Frank in the New 52 story, while also fitting the lighter tone. Shazam's a likeable, lighthearted read. While I didn't love it enough to plan on sticking with future floppies, it might scratch that itch if you're nostalgic for a DCU before the era of grim and edgy or Geoff Johns story before his runs became consecutive events.
  6. GottaGetAGrip

    Marvel's One World Order

    Haven't been reading much new Marvel books, aside from checking up on what Al Ewing is doing in Immortal Hulk. The most Marvel I've read lately was the Marvel Epic Collection version of Kraven's Last Hunt. As these Epic Collections collect more than just the title story, fulfilling the role that the Essentials used to, Kraven's Last Hunt is placed at the very end of the book. The story that precede it are: 1. An annual featuring Spider-Man taking on a time-traveling Iron Man 2020 - this is my first time encountering the IM of the "far-future" of 2020 and I'm assuming that the writers intended him to be a "sympathetic but ultimately unlikable" anti-hero at best. The grimness of the Iron Man 2020 bits don't mesh too well with comedic misfortunes of Peter Parker, but I can't say that I completely disliked this romp and it did have a rather hard-hitting ending. Wonder if they'll have to change him to Iron Man 2040 if someone ever wants to use this character again? 2. Spider-Man vs. Wolverine, written by Christopher Priest before the name change to trick the other Priest's fans into buying his comics. It's not Priest's greatest work, but it's an affable contrast between the traditional superheroics of Spidey vs. the edgy and gritty anti-hero types like Wolverine that were all the rage, and also the token appearance of the classic Red and Blue Spidey outfit as he wears the black suit in the rest of these stories. The fallout of this story segues into the Hobgoblin Identity storyline, as Spidey angsts about and ponders giving up superheroics. Peter David handles the big identity reveal issue (well, before the identity revealed here got retconned) while Priest contributes to a few issues that further flesh things out. 3. And aside from Kraven's Last Hunt, Marvel clearly intended this to be the attraction of the collection since it's mentioned on the back: the Spider-Man marriage! And while Peter and MJ together is fine and dandy, David Michelinie takes over the writing for these issues and fails to make much of a case for them. A boring issue of Spider-Man zipping around while contemplating proposing, followed by a boring two-parter of Mary Jane pondering whether to say yes while concurrently dealing with family drama as the Spider-Slayer chases Spidey around. Followed by the marriage annual itself, which consists of Peter and MJ pondering for its entirety if they should go through with the wedding before they do. Now I'm nostalgic for the Spider-Marriage since that was the status quo when I started reading Spider-Man but given the general dullness with which the actual marriage storyline comes across, I can kind of see why Marvel editiorial was bent on splitting them up. Though maybe I'm just missing the historical context/significance reading this years later in a trade. (funny how J. Jonah tells Peter that there's no turning back from a marriage! I guess J. Jonah didn't factor deals with the Devil into that equation!) Kraven's Last Hunt definitely overshadowed everything in this trade, writing and art-wise. Also collected was a bunch of supplementary material from the time talking up the Spider Marriage, most of which I ended up skimming over. Of greatest note is a magazine that collects the entirety of Stan Lee's newspaper strip's version of the marriage.
  7. GottaGetAGrip

    Rest in Peace, Stan Lee

    95 years old, and still there's a part of me that feels it was too soon for Stan to go. If nothing else, I hope he at least got to live out his last days happy, considering some of the rumors/stories of elder abuse that he got wrapped up in this year.
  8. GottaGetAGrip

    Constantine and Batman in Batman: Damned - Starting This September

    Perhaps in that situation the Joker stabbed Batman with a scythe that burst through the knee and went all the way up to the neck?
  9. GottaGetAGrip

    Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    My first thought upon seeing his name popping up in my Twitter feed was "who?"
  10. GottaGetAGrip

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    My idea was that Chas shows up in his cab and runs his opponent over, and proceeds to beat on them afterwards with a tire wrench while John dips out for a smoke, but that sounds even better.
  11. GottaGetAGrip

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    Concept art for an unused John Constantine in Injustice 2. Some other mystic faces of the DCU like Etrigan and Detective Chimp were also unused, and can be found on the same artist's page. Probably for the best John wasn't included in the game, since he's not exactly a fighting-game type and the last thing we need is more of "pullin' fireballs and sigils out of me arse" Constantine but still would've been a cool fanboy moment to pit Constantine against Hellboy.
  12. GottaGetAGrip

    Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    The last issue of The Wild Storm definitely gives the impression that Ellis will be hurtling to the finish line with all the endgame threads he's setting up, and I'm guessing a lot's going to happen in these last six issues. I have a feeling that Ellis will have Apollo and Midnighter make some grand, bloody entrance at some point in those six. Wonder how closely they'll resemble the original counterparts, given the adjustments the other Authority members got in this series and that the mainline DCU versions ended up pretty close to the original Wildstorm versions last time they were seen? (maybe Ellis will have turned them black and called it a day)
  13. So DC hasn't forgotten about the 30th anniversary of Hellblazer, as they'll be putting out a celebratory hardcover collection later this year, just in time for Halloween. However, with 300 issues, there's only so much you can include in one collection. The official solicit is: Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 (where it all began) Hellblazer #11 (Newcastle) Hellblazer #27 (Hold Me) Hellblazer #41 (Dangerous Habits Part One) Hellblazer #63 (Forty) Hellblazer #120 (Desperately Seeking Something) Hellblazer #146 (Hard Time Part One) Hellblazer #229 (collected here if you don't want to buy the upcoming reprint of Denise Mina's run to have all of Hellblazer in trade) Hellblazer #240 (The Laughing Magician Part One) What would you put in your Hellblazer 30th Collection? For my personal selection, I'd try to stick to stories that function as stand-alones, leaving out Part Ones of longer story arcs: Delano: Hellblazer #1&2, Newcastle, Mourning of the Magician, Dead Boy's Heart Ennis: The Diary of Danny Drake, End of the Line, Forty - because you can't have a Hellblazer 30th Celebration and leave out Mange!, maybe the break-up issue Jenkins: #100 - Sins of the Father, #119 - Undertow, and ofc the aforementioned 120 Ellis: Telling Tales Azzarello: If I had to acknowledge Azzarello... maybe Lapdogs & Englishman? Or just to give the imaginary readers of this imaginary collection a big WTF, the issue where John gets a hooker and scams old ladies at bingo. Carey: The Game of Cat & Mouse, Event Horizon, The Gift Post-Carey: Perhaps Diggle's Vatican two-parter, or Ravenscar Casino Gaiman, Morrison, and John Smith's fill-ins would make the cut as well. (kind of surprised two of the bigger-name writers who worked on Hellblazer, Morrison and Ellis, are nowhere to be seen in the actual collection)
  14. http://ew.com/books/2018/03/01/neil-gaiman-sandman-universe-comics/ DC is launching a "Sandman Universe" line of comics - overseen by Neil, but the four books will written by different creative teams. The books are: House of Whispers by Nalo Hopkinson Books of Magic by Kat Howard The Dreaming by Si Spurrier Lucifer by Dan Watters No announced artists yet.
  15. GottaGetAGrip

    Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    I thought it was announced to be one of the new Vertigo books?
  16. GottaGetAGrip

    Flashpoint/New 52 and Beyond

    In DC's latest solicitations for January 2019, they have John appearing in Batman #63 and Curse of Brimstone Annual 1 so you could add those to your list. He's appearing in New Talent Showcase 2018 #1 as well, according to the cover art and solicit DC has released.
  17. GottaGetAGrip

    Special Ales Kot Approvals

    Material was an interesting experiment by Kot. Four separate stories playing out page by page over four issues. He cancelled it after those four issues though, though he has said that his plan for the series was to do a new set of stories every four issues so there's nothing that's left unresolved compared to say, Wolf. I wouldn't say make it your first Kot book, but if you read his longer works and enjoy them, Material might be worth checking out. The trade probably goes for cheap these days.
  18. GottaGetAGrip

    DC Comics

    https://www.newsarama.com/42168-young-justice-wonder-twin-dial-h-for-hero-more-part-of-bendis-led-dc-teen-imprint.html Bendis is launching and overseeing a new teen character imprint at DC called "Wonder Comics." The main attraction DC's trying to sell is Young Justice by Bendis, but the title that will probably be most of note to posters here is Mark Russell's Wonder Twins (Stephen Bryne on art duties).
  19. GottaGetAGrip

    DC Comics

    Yeah, that Green Lantern preview was pretty underwhelming. If Morrison's name wasn't attached, there wouldn't be much in the way of a hook or something to make me want to pick up an issue based on that preview. I sure hope Morrison isn't just putting in minimum effort and coasting on his name with this one! One thing that stood out to me about the New 52 Batman Inc was how cynical and downbeat the ending felt for a run that was very much a celebration of Batman. I wonder if Morrison got burnt out on monthly corporate superhero comics and New 52 Batman Inc was reflecting that? By chance, did any of you here read his New 52 Superman run on Action Comics? The beginning was a fairly standard and grounded re-imagining of Golden Age Superman, back when he was a rough and tumble type who beat up landlords. But Morrison quickly moved onto more wacky/crazy/convoluted Silver Age-esque hijinks with the book's direction and got really experimental with his storytelling in his final arc. Was a far cry from All-Star, but it was the only Superman book this decade that I could say I enjoyed reading.
  20. GottaGetAGrip

    The Boys goes to Cinemax helmed by Rogan

    So it's actually happening. Wonder how close Amazon will stick to the source material.
  21. GottaGetAGrip

    Constantine and Batman in Batman: Damned - Starting This September

    What even was the purpose of the Batcock? I mean it's a pretty common trope to utilize male nudity to depict vulnerability, but did it actually call for several panels of Bruce's swaying Batawang? Really just seemed like a heavy handed attempt by Azzarello to show how adult this Batman story is. And now DC's announced they'll be censoring it in all future printings (they've already censored the digital editions) which means that DC's essentially made a collector's item out of Bruce Wayne's genitals. The nudity didn't add anything, but it does feel kind of contradictory to make a mature readers label to show all the stuff you can't in the mainline books, only to censor it... I guess it's just the old American adage that bullets blood and bad words are a-ok, but sexuality is a big no-no in action.
  22. GottaGetAGrip

    Constantine and Batman in Batman: Damned - Starting This September

    I suppose this issue shows that in hindsight, it was good that Azzarello didn't have John doing narration for much of his Hellblazer run. Bermejo's art is a career best, but there isn't much to say about the words pasted over it.
  23. GottaGetAGrip

    Constantine and Batman in Batman: Damned - Starting This September

    Ahead of Damned #1's release this Wednesday, Azzarello and Bermejo have done an interview for Syfy. In regards to John:
  24. GottaGetAGrip

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    This is pretty neat: Richard Piers Rayner has been posting scans of his original pencils for Hellblazer #11. More pages can be seen on his Twitter.
  25. GottaGetAGrip

    Image Comics

    Brought the fourth and final volume of Brubaker & Phillips' Kill or Be Killed at the store recently, and binged through the entirety of the series. The beginning wasn't as strong as I had remembered reacting to it when I first read it, but it is a book that improves with every issue. For those who haven't read it yet, it's Brubaker doing his spin on the Vigilante Genre with a Deal with the Devil tossed in for good measure. A milquetoast grad student fails a suicide attempt, and begins to see a demon who forces him into a deal as punishment for trying to end his life. The deal is take a life every month, or he dies. Over the course of the series, he becomes more skilled of a killer as stakes escalate, while simultaneously losing more of his grip on sanity. Brubaker deconstructs the "one man war on crime" story, while railing about just how much the world sucks today and our helplessness to do a thing about it. Not the most original story to be told, but Brubaker adds enough of his own touches to avoid the whole thing feeling like a retread. On the art-front, I feel it definitely is the best that the Brubaker/Phillips/Breitweiser collabs have ever looked. Makes you wonder how a Punisher run by Brubaker would've gone. If there's much of a niggle, it's that at the end one of the biggest plot threads doesn't get too satisfying of a resolution.