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  1. I already deopped it.i really feel like they don't know what they're doing
  2. S okay it was average.i did like the voice acting and that we got the house of mystery and zatanna was hot.also like the implication of ztanna's power...but overall ,meh.not bad,not great either.it felt like justice league dark tho so i guess mission accomplished?
  3. that constantine movie was damn good--but we all know that wasn't john constantine, that was nick necro this thing with him and the lolipops and all that ...this hurt me :( at this point they're just trynna bleed money from our boy john in anyway they can because everyone's running outta ideas and since he's relatively obscure along,they can get away with so much shit.The days of Hellblazer is long,long,long gone so I think we need to let it go. silver lining If he gets popular enough,somebody may actually make a good as story/movie/animation or whatever about him.The MCU did damn good adaptions of their stuff and some of that stands up to source material.
  4. They're doing it again,the lagging.I'm hoping it's a temporary thing ...but maybe i'm asking for too much
  5. Well gotdamn--that came from the cut... he will be missed---pray his soul rests in peace
  6. Pacing is good,things are happening,I actually give a shit.I think maybe things are picking up now--I'll stay along for the ride I think.And it did it's job of making me wanna read the next issue
  7. I congratulate them.The second issue successfully hooked my interest. Characterization was just enough, I was thoroughly amused and surprise,surprise,the plot actually went somewhere.I liked that there were old familiar faces,familiar scenarios ,and I'm interested in the events coming forth. (no spoilers).There was nothing in this story that made mecringe,so I can safely say I'll stick around for a bit to see where this goes.I have a spark of hope. Also,I'm glad they didn't butcher john's characterization--let's see what happens.
  8. The Azarello run was memorable because of how cringe worthy it was--the biggest put off was the dog thing,the butchering kids thing ,john's characterization and the sheer amount of Narm of it all--plus the art in the prison run made me ask "why the fuck am I reading this?" so in light of this...why are we focusing on "the sweet musk of his balls"...hardly relevant I think it could be re-written and done well-- saying this because I just started 100 bullets and it's definitely my cup of tea...for now also,john was always a cock-sucker,but the mostly heterosexually male readership casually phased it out ..."no-homo" before no-homo was a thing.I mean c'mon het guys,are you really gonna admit to reading about a queer dude? as for john coming back to life after death...? I guess it did it's job
  9. more like high bullshit I'm pissed because if the series was like the preview with the blue haired chick that made clothes out of demon skin,I'd love it.That preview was better than that whole series and this rebirth thing.I swear this on my grave.I thought I was coming into something darkly beautiful not...whatever that was...
  10. the thing is this...the premise is a good way to make the super hero genre more modern,liked that element...but yeah,it'skinda cheese. Marvel has done so much better with their heroes on screen and I stick with this
  11. on a serious note,like that our boyJohn is getting the exposure,but the truth is,he's now losing aspects of himself and any and every incarnation will be a shadow of what john was in Hellblazer.Maybe people will wonder back and read Hellblazer idk. But I think it's time to lay it to rest :(
  12. The legendary meat lollipop? they said it..don't shoot the messenger now
  13. if they can get more of this [sarcasm] i do think we can finally make the call now...
  14. if they can get more of this [sarcasm] i do think we can finally make the call now... <p>
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