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  1. A big Hello !! And a question :)

    Thanks guys !!! ... :)
  2. A big Hello !! And a question :)

    Hello all, I am new to the community and wanna say hello to all !!! ... :) And i have a question too if someone cqn help me out, i have recently start reading Hellblazer and i am about at the 11th comic. I really like it so far, but at comic number 9, at the very end john goes to his appartment and find out his landlady and his neighbour dead, actually dismember qnd all, and for some reason after a few words he find out the name of his demon enemy "Nergal" ... my question is this ... How did john found out the name ?? I have read the comic several times and i dont see how, they have an encou ter earlier at the hospital when he gives john his blood and acyually john ask him his name, but the deamon did not tell, after that they do not speak, and some how john find out the name anyhow ... I am new to this comic and english is not my natural language, so please be kind :) .... please avoid spoilers too !!! In case the answer to my question is answered later on then just tell me that ill read with patience Thanks all !!!