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  1. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    What year did this "final showdown" take place exactly ? : P Also, has Bendis just gone completely to shit ? I've not read a ton of his stuff but I kept hearing really positive things about him around the mid 2000's.
  2. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I assume it's their attempt to have their cake and eat it took. Start up female centered series in line with the editorial mandate. And still keep the old title technically around and hope the old fans and subscribers will stick around.
  3. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I don't mean that race was the issue here, beyond the fact that they thought it necessary in the first place, and that they used the character's race for some really bad writing from what I've seen, but again, it's the way they handle these things that is the issue. I've no problem with a black/asian/whatever character, as long as they don't randomly replace a character I read, not because the creators have a reason for wanting to do so organically, but because the company tells them to do it in order to virtue signal. So the reasons for making the decline that much more speedy, in my opinion can be summed up as A) Replace most well known characters with non white ethnic/female characters that no one actually reading cares about or wants to see take on the roll by editorial mandate, and prioritise the skin colour of a character to actual quality writing B) Force in talking points about feminism and opression and talking points about how lesbian relationship are somehow inherently superior to straight ones etc. in order to appeal to professional online campaigners who don't actually buy the books but only care about putting down another "victory" in their statistics C) Get really confused why people aren't buying anymore. Not having read the O'Neil run, I can probably chalk this up to it being something the creator wanted to do by himself for the sake of good writing, and that's where the difference lies really.
  4. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Thing is, I've seen some examples, especially from the series America, where tortured language and contortionist back bending is heavily applied to force non issues into issues while putting down some of the most idiotic phrases I've seen in a professionall published work. And I'm just gonna say that I honestly think that this may very well have played a significant part in lowering sales, if for no other reason then due to replacing a character people liked with a new one they didn't care about. Everything I've seen of Riri Williams makes me want to reach in and punch her for being so annoying, and my affection for Iron Man is rather platonic at best. Someone reading the series monthly, year in year out, well I can see why they'd drop it once they'd hear Rori being an annoying pissant, whinning that her teacher isn't racist enough for her to have some heroic struggle to succeed at. But that's just my opinion on that, and it's not even on topic.
  5. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I thought it prudent to point that out, since people could think I'm one of those people forcing Marvel into economic suicide with feminising or brownwashing 9/10ths of their biggest titles in recent years all in the name of "diversity".
  6. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Well that does sound rather nasty, it does. I agree with your suggestion by the by. I know Valiant are/were publishing one starring an overweight female superheroine. And mind you I'm not one of those leftie Fat Pride types either. I just think what Milligan did with that wasn't very good, at all.
  7. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I will admit that bit was not the best written and while I don't personally mind a gal with a bigger gravitational, she was made somewhat pathetic, and it may seem like it was a Gotcha from Milligan to Carey ? I dunno.
  8. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Wait did Diggle not write his stories himself ? I'm a bit confused there. And I'd assume that he may have just not known she got offed by Nergal. Honestly I wonder if any of these writers had any thorough knowledge of the Delano stories when taking over, seeing it was a bit of a competely different animal by then.
  9. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Is that the one where the dude sacrifices infants ? Cause if so that was rather meh from what I remember.
  10. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    There were also moments of pretty intense genuine horror, like the Ghosts from Vietnam story. Or this Ennis will just have a huge cock monste rape you until your eyes explode. Honestly the Fear Machine is far more engaging than anything Ennis ever did on the title, and I completely forgot about it. Almost have a hankering to go re-read it.
  11. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Remember the story of the guy dragged away by Winnie the Pooh because a court of fictional characters declares he's not real ? Ennis would never write a story like that. The thing with Ennis is he doesn't really care about the supernatural or mythology. He just likes to say how much they suck and have someone literally piss on them. I haven't read his more recent stuff but that was his MO during this time period, where he was at his most acclaimed. Also I hate how Ennis screwed Midnite over and killed him so easily.
  12. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I think Jenkins' run is underappreciated. He certainly did a lot of good shorter stories. And I also agree on Azzarello. I heard he can write pretty well but this really seemed like he was trying to write a different series and just got saddled with John Constantine, hence why the setting and characters are all so unfamiliar and divorced from the usual Hellblazer fare. As for Ennis, well, I think Ennis was kind of the catalyst for a bit of a dip in overall quality. Because he was the one who introduced his "Devil but not the Devil but much more Deviler than that Gaiman's Poser devil, honest !" character and the First remained a rather unimaginative go to shorthand for most supernatural events that happened in the series after that. As for Carey, I actually enjoyed the fact he was making the series more plot centric. I did feel, especially during the Ennis run, that sometimes certain issues were like little more than filler, like the pointless gun factory story where the dude ends up gouging out his eyes at the end. Somehow Constantine really didn't get much plot heavy stuff. Floppies ? As in actual floppies, or a term of endearment for old single issues ? I'd say to not chuck them, if only for the insight into the weird obscure shit Vertigo was publishing at a given time, which may be fun to look up and also as a bit of a time capsule of what the readers thought at the time via the letter's column. At least for as long as they had it. I think the bit where he has John fuck another dude was a bit weird. I mean, he's always been a bastard but I can't see him going that far, given he's always shown to be obscenely into women, just for the sake of a story. Not being homophobic here,, just saying that added onto the whole feeling of it being wholy out of the ordinary and unlike anything that came before. Also had no idea about the Ellis controversy with "Shoot".
  13. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    Also finished The Scarlet Plague by London yesterday. Interesting, but a trifle short. Lord knows this could easily have been twice as long.
  14. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    I've got Land of Unreason lined up to read after The Scarlet Plague and possibly "HAMMED" A TALE OF THE CRUSADES by Le Fevre.
  15. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    The same Fletcher Pratt who co-wrote The City of the Living Dead that I read recently ? Also finished The King of Thomond, about a young girl going to be the governess of a Doctor owning a small island, only it turns out both the daughter and her mother are made of wax and the Doctor has gone crazy after trying to bring them to life following his reading of Frankenstein. It gets a bit too romantic, but there are definitely good things here.