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  1. I'm glad this is coming out for those interested, but I've a question: are there gaps from the one shot or short guest appearances of various writers which aren't collected in trades yet ? Because I think those are ultimately more novel than what one can expect from the Ennis run ^^; Garth has a few duds, plus he notoriously is not great with handling supernatural elements in his stories in an interesting or creative way. Preacher is a good example of that. Not to shit on Garth buuuut people only hear about the good stuff from his run and they might be a bit disappointed if they pick this one up and read that one shot of Kit at a bar in Belfast (?) talking about topics from 1990s Ireland or those two kinda pointles issues about corpse theft. XD
  2. I read a few older things recently: The Judge Dredd and Lobo crossover. It was mostly just a simplistic Lobo story with Dredd showing up for a panel every couple of pages and barely interacting with Lobo at all, the antagonist is kind of forgettable and it felt like a bit of a wasted opportunity. Finally read all the Devlin Waugh shorts written by Smith. I definitely enjoyed "Mouthful of Dust" as an interesting little story, but Bite Fight was dreadful, it made Devlin into a snarling beast that got easily caught by the bad guys, used in cage fights and then easily knocked out by Dredd.
  3. First time I head about this and yet I already dread reading it.
  4. That is a loss indeed. Sadly I don't think many people on the other side of the pond will notice and that's even sadder, in a way.
  5. ...Why is the opening in vietnamese and about football ? Did I have a stroke ? Is this what colours taste like ?
  6. Eh I still think Seeley did a better jab in his slightly lackluster run than Azzarello in his entire American shitfest.
  7. Sorry but fuck off with this DC. Azzarello's Hellblazer run was one of the worst and most un-Hellblazer run in the entire series' history and you decide to give him another miniseries where his inacurrate Hellblazer-without the Hell or the blazing is going to get exposure with unfamiliar readers due to the Batman connection ? Also this line " and with John Constantine soon to be followed by other masters of the occult - Zatanna, Etrigan, Deadman - even Batman is heading into uncharted territory. Luckily " Does this mean John is just gonna be in the one issue or whatever and then have at least three other characters besides Batman to focus on ?
  8. Okay, finished the stupid Bardo Score thing. Yet another damp squib I feel, where Seeley just starts setting things up but then doesn't have much actual substance so everything gets undone almost immediately. The ease with which the bad guy was taken down and his rather shallow plan were very disappointing to say the least. Edit: welp did not realise this had already ended. Honestly I would not mind if this continued if they: A got some quality writers and B made it for mature readers again. Cause I fee a lot of this writting attitude is down to that mentality of having to be appropriate. The Good Old Days wasn't perfect but well, it was the only storyline in this entire run that both felt like a Hellblazer story and that also didn't feel like stuff just ended without much happening. It's kinda sad in that respect, really. 300 issues the original's lasted and since then they can't break 30 no matter what they do.
  9. Finished with the whole dwarf thing. That was kinda abrupt and unsatisfying but I guess it at least had some ending ? Still a waste of potential.
  10. I'd have at least liked to have gotten some resolution to literally any of this.
  11. I just got there. 12 issues of blathering on about Abby Arcane and she never even shows up. 10 issues in they suddenly bring up King Solomon and some sort of machine and that never gets explained. Six issues devoted to finding a damn book to find the way to a city we never get to see. If they had to boot Oliver off the book, couldn't the next guy at least try and wrap that up instead of making the previous 12 issues a complete and utter waste and just starting off something else ?
  12. So I started reading this newest series just so I could complain along with you guys : P First of all, just finished issue 10 and the damned Djin crap is still going. Worse, the first 6 issues were a wasteland of repeated scenes and absolutely nothing happening, the main villain is only starting to look like less of a ponce around issue 9, what little happened in issues 7 and 8 was rather drawn out and boring and it's not until issue 9 that we got any scene that I'd even classify as Hellblazer-like, what with the angel dismemberment scene. Also this is shaping up to at best be a shitty rip off of Fear Machine. Also alsor eally glad Philip Tan got the boot as the artist after two issues. His wanna be manga art style is so shit it looks like something farted out by Nick Simmons. Yes that one.
  13. Thanks Dom I haven't finished yet : D
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