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  1. Hi guys, Latest interview - Andy Rusk, stunt coordinator/stuntman on Constantine, Walking Dead and many many more. https://www.spreaker.com/user/8213289/constantine-interview-with-andy-rusk?fb_action_ids=1484204468547253&fb_action_types=spreaker_radio%3Aupload&fb_ref=image_bigbutton
  2. Hi -thanks for the welcome both :) Jason - I sure am :) Feel free to put them in here, or send me a pm....JD Evermore, Andy Rusk and Matt Ryan - all questions welcomed (except personal lol..I don't ask personal stuff hahah)
  3. Hi all, I have joined this forum after being pointed this way by microwave_jellyfish on imdb, after responding to my post on the Constantine forum about my podcast. I really love the show, admittedly although I heard about Constantine previously, it was the TV show that brought me to it more. I joined the campaign on Twitter to have the show renewed, but found myself limited in 140 characters in keeping people positive. So I started a podcast. The podcast was received very well, much to my extreme surprise. Eventually, I had an idea to interview a friend I had made, who worked on the show as a production assistant. It went really well, and I then had a crazy notion to reach out to other crew and cast, to bring them on too, without any hope in my heart. Well, from there....it grew. I asked Hellblazers for questions, and have interviewed the following so far from the show, and am continuing to interview more as time goes on. Angelica Celaya Will Campbell (Carter from the Whole World out There episode) Jonjo O'Neill - which got hijacked half way through by Matt Ryan!! Harold Perrineau Dave Blass - Production Set Designer Christine Boylan - Screenwriter/Producer Hillary Brant - Production Assistant Within the next week, I will be interviewing Andy Rusk, stunt coordinator and J.D. Evermore (The Man, in Episode 13) Also in October, at his own request, I will be interviewing/chatting to Matt Ryan again, and reaching out to other crew, as well as MJ Shaw, Emmet O'Scanlon and others Anyhow, greetings to all, and I hope you all would like to check out the interviews, and perhaps my "Ramblings" which can be found here. (All podcast episodes are downloadable) http://www.spreaker.com/user/8213289 and follow me at Twitter @chrisgordon1975 I also have an app on Google Play Store called Ramblings of a Hellblazer, and working on an Apple Store version Thanks for listening, I'll check the forum out now, as looks like a good place for me to be :)
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