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  1. No way, I'm keeping the old trades. Some of the out of print ones are worth something nowadays. Only bought the new ones to have the collected Jenkins run and the extra material in the Delano trades. And like I said, the new ones are just ugly.
  2. Yeah, I also own the entire series as individual issues. Guess I'll have to buy another copy of #229. Both collections must. Be. Complete. No way I'm placing the new edition TPB there in between those beautiful old ones when it comes out. Just look at those new editions on the left, they are just ugly. Like I said, first world problems.
  3. How to Play with Fire TPB is finally out and my collection is complete. Isn't it beautiful? Only one problem: I might have to stick my copy of issue number #229 in there, 'cause as of now it is the only issue left uncollected. But it belongs in the long box with all the other issues. What do I do? It's driving me crazy! First world problems..
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