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  1. As I said: just a fill charachter without a real relevance on history (yes, from time to time is good to have some of these, but Milligan made a mediocre atempt to give him some relevance and this just made things worse)
  2. for anyone that could be interested, there are the thread for the remaking: http://hellblazer.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=10519#entry379251
  3. i think remaking a history would be rather fun idea :) why not? yeah, Lady, we agree in the fact that those chapters had their potential, so Why not? But there should be a forum just for this so... I am first? or who?
  4. well yes, the raping of Gemma was definitively too forced and i could make a list of argumental mistakes commited by Milligan, and yes, he commited the worst crime in literature and comic: to force a history, and yes, the chapters from 250 to 300 had too much mistakes and failures, but also had some aspects with great potential, so I could give you this crazy idea: what if we make the exercise of remaking the history in this forum?
  5. Now, if you ask me about characters as Julian and Finn they were just character fill, so they were indeed the worst failures of Milligan and they would not be missed
  6. Now that I think of it, Epiphany was indeed a Mary Sue in the fact that she was too focused to be the daughter of a dangerous and violent gangster, I assure you, if there was more work on her background and her disfunctional family live and the consecuences this live had in her, her potential would have been truly realiced, but i would not go as far as to depreciate her (she was no as boring as the characters of Steven Seagal :v )
  7. well, respect Epiphany, yes, that is understandable, but that would be, as Kwai Chang Kaine says, a good idea, but the excecution must be discussed, but in general I liked Epiphany (not as much as Kit, told again). She had a potential as an alchemist and as a character as disfunctional as John, again, in other hands but Milligan's she would have been a better character. But remember: the beginning of their relationship was very difficult, so that could save (even a little) the notion of her being "the true love of John" (but yes, I agree with you that Milligan didn't have to make the chambonada of destroy the past love partners of John) Respect Gemma, yes, the Gemma of Milligan was only a pale shadow of the former Gemma, so yes, is the best to take some aspects of her selfguilty (as selguilty as John) and leave the rest out (maybe she could have been a good John Constantine in female version) Something that I didn't like about the Hellblazer history in general was the loose end thas was left with the Pagan Nation (speaking of the Milligan tendencies of leaving loose ends). In fact, I could make a list of the loose ends that i didn't like, but, as someone told in this very forum, if for some crazy syncronicity, the history of Hellblazer were to be continued, this chapter would be seen with another eyes, and those loose ends would be retaken and properly chained in the history
  8. I would say that Milligan had a lot of good ideas very bad realiced, but those ideas in another hands would have been very good
  9. Well, I must ask: why didn't you liked Epiphany? I wouldn't see her as a Mary Sue, she had her defects and failures (beggining with her father :v ) and you must understand that her potential would not be completely realiced because of the decision to end the history at chapter 300 (keeping apart the negative viewpoint about Milligan) but she maybe would not be the best love partner for John, but her disfunctionality maked her a great complement to the disfunctional John Constantine (well, maybe that's my viewpoint as a colombian) Kit was the best love partner of John, and would be the one that redeemed John, but John didn't want to be redeemed (and yes, it hurted when Kit left John and hurted every time John remembered Kit) About Gemma, I agree that what Milligan did with her was, as we say in Colombia, una chambonada, in many aspects the history with her was too forced, but the psicologic evolution of her sould be very logic in general. Just think about it: her mother was weak of will and her father was a bothersome fanatic, her family life was literally a tragedy (leaving the Constantine out of this) and her decitions with the magic weren't the most correct, so she had two options: blame herself or blame John. The general idea for her had sense, was the realisation that failed terribly, but being she the one that would execute the sentence of death of john was an asset in my viewpoint
  10. Pfedor, your viewpoint is very interesting and makes very sense, but i don't entirely agree. More for sentimentalism and charachter evolution sense than any other motive. //Spoiler: I'd like to think that John really cared about Epiphany, so he decided that she didn't have to keep following his way of doing things. About Terry Greaves, remember that the relationship between Piff and Terry at that point were too destroyed, so i doubt that Piff would care about her father being reclaimed by the Devil (Is too much name him TFoTF :v ). Now, I have another theory that implies that John learned some humility, but I must admit that your theory makes more sense, so I am divided in two. Now, remember that the Devil told Piff about a great plan he had and he needed Terry for that plan, maybe John proposed the Devil of a more efficient way of making that plan (maybe even offered him some help and advice) and that for the purpose of taking revenge for Terry beating Gemma. Now, I completely agree with your notion of the open ending, in fact, I also thought of this, and more with the poor decitions that had been made lately in Norteamerican cómic in general, but I really loved the charachter of Epiphany, so I'd like her to fight for the love of John (Yeah, I am a romanticist) so i'd like you to see a proposal I made for future chapters of this great history: http://hellblazer.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=10513
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