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  1. You actually are right, Gwilym. In my opening sentences, I made comments about comic book readers that were uncalled for assumptions and predictions of what I would soon be encountering for bringing up an issue that nobody seems to want to discuss (not the gayness, but the outright fairyness). I suppose that was less than classy of me. I had come to this forum to put forth this idea because, in my circle, I'm the only person who knows John Constantine - and I was curious to see if anybody else felt that way. So yes, it may have been wrong of me to immediately insult the people who I predicted I'd meet but who I hadn't met yet. BUT then Christian comes out and . . . . holy god . . . what a tremendous Comic Book Fan stereotype he was. Left-leaning, closed-minded and filled with self-righteous anger. So I can't feel THAT bad about making that prediction. But on the topic that neither of you seem interested in (on account of the self-righteous anger) - there is nothing wrong with having disdain for one type of a social group. Hate rednecks? Laugh at nerdy Chinese guys? Misogynistic Muslims? Fine. Those are annoying members of certain social groups. So why am I "homophobic" for not wanting one of my favorite characters to be portrayed as a fairy? Hell, there are gay people who dislike fairies. But your world isn't big enough to get that. And I'd explain why the clannish need for diversity isn't a nonsense term, but there's no point. I met plenty of people like you back when I actually went to comic book stores. You're dicks and you're not people to have discussions with.
  2. What does that mean, Gwilym? Because you get differing viewpoints and people like Christian who do their best to smash those viewpoints with personal attacks and insults?
  3. My God, Christian. You really do have a mind as narrow as anus, don't you? Read my comment again and then tell me that my issue was that he was gay. I actually made it quite clear that it was the type of gay he was. But you probably didn't even hear that in your mind, did you? You just saw "Criticism of a homosexual character portrayal" and then "FURY!!!!!!" There's nothing wrong with being argumentative, Christian. But don't make your argument sound like simplistic nonsense that could be churned out by a machine. I mean, jesus, when I wrote that comment I knew that somebody was going to regurgitate some bullshit that they have been trained to regurgitate. Okay . . . but enough of that. Let's try rising above what seems to be your normal type of discussion. Let me ask you this - - - could I be unhappy if Luke Cage were portrayed as a Gangsta Nigga? Can I dislike Zatanna if she were portrayed as a nagging bitch? Would having these opinions make me racist or misogynistic? I don't think so. And so why are you furious that I would be unhappy that John is being portrayed as a submissive fairy? But I'm wasting my time, aren't i? Onward, Christian Soldier!
  4. Wow, Christian! That will teach me for having an opinion that differs from yours! I like how it is permitted to dislike everything about the new series except for the fact that the writer turned John into a sheepishly-smiling sub. How dare I dislike that part!!!!! Cum dripping down asscheeks!!!! Luscious dick up ass!!!! Did it make you hard when you wrote that? It seems to me like you're much more fixated on homosexuality in general than I am on the characterization of John's bending over for a big bear. And I love that I'm a troll because I'm saying something that you disagree with. But thank you for presenting us all with a great depiction of the angry closed-minded comic book nerd.
  5. I'm really hoping that the Rebirth John Constantine will be getting away from the Fairy persona that they have been forcing on us in the recent incarnation. Now, I'm well aware that this idea will infuriate lots of the left-leaning herd-mentality comic book readers (I've never understood why so many fall in that category, but John hasn't simply been portrayed as gay in the recent issues. He's been portrayed as a feminine fairy. His sheepish grins at his obviously-top boyfriend. His adorably cuddly comments that are made in reference to him. It's ridiculous and very non-Constantine. If the clannish need for diversity insists that he be gay, then at least make him the punk-rock style gay that we'd be expecting from a persona like his. John would never be a Bottom.
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