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  1. Hey guys. Are there any of you who are experienced writers of wikia and fandom, and are also big fans of everything there is about John Constantine? Hopefully you guys can check out and contribute in the Hellblazer Wiki, an encyclopedia dedicated to that Magnificent Bastard we know and love. Right now we currently have over 693 articles but wish to have more. The Hellbazer wiki used to be a wikia dedicated only to th comic book Hellblazer, but after new series such as Constantine The Hellblazer and Rebirth the wiki decided to start adding new information from these current DC titles. The wiki no longer just write about Hellblazer alone, it has already started incorporating everything about John Constantine. We really hope that you guys can check it out and add new stuffs that the wiki might have missed (which are a lot). We also have a functioning chat that you guys can use. Site: http://hellblazer.wi...Hellblazer_Wiki