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    Are you a Milligan or a Milligant?

    Though I didn't like much the art, I don't think Milligan is so bad and I evend enjoyed Stories like India, The Devil's Trenchcoat and others though, as it was discussed elsewhere, there were downsides, especially Angie. Also I did not read the very last TPB so I can't tell...
  2. Const

    Hellblazer Q&A

    Wonderful, thank you guys :)
  3. Const

    Hellblazer Q&A

    HI guys, I have a questions and I think this is the right place to ask (sorry if not the case, English is not my mother tongue). So in Carey's run there is a short scene where a character comes to threaten Rosacarnis. In French she calls him "Grey Pilgrim" but I can't find anything on him, does it ring a bell?
  4. "Tales from the Crypt + DBZ" yes definitely, and sadly it is better than the live action where John looked like a teenager in his daddy trenchcoat. Unfortunately Manco's stunning drawings that rely so much on shadows are replaced with teenager animation (maybe they did not want it to be too scary ? ). You should be able to see the entire demons' body, without hors-champ your imagination does not work and you just contemplate plain, ordinary, monochrome monsters of halloween. But honestly, I did not expect more than this and John seems to have some charisma here so I'm thinking "hey, that's a good introduction for a younger audience that will read the comics". And I'm afraid that everything that will come after this on screenwill be so much worse...
  5. Const

    Witch Doctor by Seifert

    HI, was a bit surprised to find nothing when I searched in the forum for this 'cause this is the real deal : crazy weird sorcerer, stunning art... and tragic story since only two collections were finished. Yet this is super funny, creative and above average comics in my opinion. Just have a look at this cover... (but remember that it is unfinished 'cause it will break your heart.)
  6. Const

    Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Hi guys, I find comfort inthinking that Gemma's rape is not a fantasy but the exact opposite of what the old bugger would do, he is his doppleganger, he embodies the opposite of John's morality. But think about this : John is a bit (a lot) masochist...so to some point the demon fullfil his dream (or is it a fantasy?) of feeling only pure, absolute hatred and contempt for himself. (Since I love far-fetched theories, I might as well add that rape (pleasure) + low self-esteem (suffering) = Agony and Ectasy, but nevermind.) And also hate the way Angie was pictured, "puerile" is the exact term to describe this...