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  1. Though I didn't like much the art, I don't think Milligan is so bad and I evend enjoyed Stories like India, The Devil's Trenchcoat and others though, as it was discussed elsewhere, there were downsides, especially Angie. Also I did not read the very last TPB so I can't tell...
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    Hellblazer Q&A

    Wonderful, thank you guys :)
  3. Const

    Hellblazer Q&A

    HI guys, I have a questions and I think this is the right place to ask (sorry if not the case, English is not my mother tongue). So in Carey's run there is a short scene where a character comes to threaten Rosacarnis. In French she calls him "Grey Pilgrim" but I can't find anything on him, does it ring a bell?
  4. "Tales from the Crypt + DBZ" yes definitely, and sadly it is better than the live action where John looked like a teenager in his daddy trenchcoat. Unfortunately Manco's stunning drawings that rely so much on shadows are replaced with teenager animation (maybe they did not want it to be too scary ? ). You should be able to see the entire demons' body, without hors-champ your imagination does not work and you just contemplate plain, ordinary, monochrome monsters of halloween. But honestly, I did not expect more than this and John seems to have some charisma here so I'm thinking "hey, that's a good introduction for a younger audience that will read the comics". And I'm afraid that everything that will come after this on screenwill be so much worse...
  5. HI, was a bit surprised to find nothing when I searched in the forum for this 'cause this is the real deal : crazy weird sorcerer, stunning art... and tragic story since only two collections were finished. Yet this is super funny, creative and above average comics in my opinion. Just have a look at this cover... (but remember that it is unfinished 'cause it will break your heart.)
  6. Hi guys, I find comfort inthinking that Gemma's rape is not a fantasy but the exact opposite of what the old bugger would do, he is his doppleganger, he embodies the opposite of John's morality. But think about this : John is a bit (a lot) masochist...so to some point the demon fullfil his dream (or is it a fantasy?) of feeling only pure, absolute hatred and contempt for himself. (Since I love far-fetched theories, I might as well add that rape (pleasure) + low self-esteem (suffering) = Agony and Ectasy, but nevermind.) And also hate the way Angie was pictured, "puerile" is the exact term to describe this...
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