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  1. Hi Ixnay by Night - have checked issue 232, from Diggle's run. Don't think this is it. It was definitely a scene outside somewhere. I think he puts the girl in a cab or something to that effect, promises to call her back, and then there's an aside where he says to himself he won't.
  2. Hi, thanks again for trying this. I'm sorry don't have enough knowledge of the series to say if it was in the reboot (my reading of comics is generally quite haphazard). Will definitely write back if I track down the reference. Thanks again.
  3. I don't think that's quite the scene I was thinking of - the girl was definitely awake, and expecting him to call. Thanks for trying though.
  4. Hi, I've just had a random memory - I think it's a scene from the Hellblazer comics. Constantine is out on a date with some girl. She asks him to call her, and he agrees to her face, but then in an aside to himself confirms he won't. Can anyone remember which issue this scene is from? Thanks, Dabbler
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