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  1. Grant Morrison's Animal Man run. So I'm enjoying it, I'm almost done with it and really enjoying how he basically took the idea of him being a super hero and slowly introduced new takes on the concept. Specially the hints of things that he laid down in the first trade being explained better in the latter trades. If I get some more cash, I'll probably check out his Doom Patrol stuff too.
  2. Well of course they'd be inbred lunatics, anybody that in breeds for that many years is going to have a pretty fucked up gene pool. I still need to finish the series though. I find the TV series interesting, but at times I find the story kind of lacking and the characters not that interesting.
  3. It's been ok but not what I expected and the random flashbacks can be annoying and confusing at times.
  4. Thinking back on it. But, I was kind of annoyed with how long it
  5. I loved it, but I feel like the first 4 episodes were pretty much the best ones. After that, the show feels like it lost focus a bit.
  6. Here's part 2 showing Elektra and The Hand. It looks like shits going to get hit the fan even harder next month. Matt will have to deal with The Punisher, The Yakuza, The Hand and Elektra.
  7. Jon Berthnal mentioned that in first two episode we likely won't like him. He's going to be extremely fucked up and most of his action's will seem pretty terrible to people who don't know his history. But, as it goes on we will likely start to like him and understand his point of view. From what I've seen is that Frank is going to appear fucked up and sadistic on the outside, while actually doing things for a noble cause. Elektra will seem like a charming "likeable" character, but will actually be doing things that are pretty evil.
  8. I don't think he's going to be a straight up villain, but more like Charles Bronson from Death Wish.
  9. Well, supposedly there is a mystery at why the lady cop is immune to his charms and they seem to be heading in the direction that he is becoming mortal the more time he spends with her. Granted, I still say the concept of The Devil not hiding the fact that he's The Devil is a bit funny. Because, usually they would go in the reverse route and have him constantly trying to hide the fact that he's Lucifer. But we'll see how they go with the story. If they tried to do it like the Comic, it would be impossible unless it was an animated series. Because in order to even get close to it, they need to have all of the cosmic other worldly stuff in it.
  10. They seem to be playing up the arrogant and hedonistic part of the character.. Which is odd, because Lucifer in Mike Carey's run wasn't into partying and having orgies. He was a bit arrogant, but then that's expected when you are as smart as he is. I might continue to watch the series to see where they go with it. But if they continue down the route I see them going, I'll probably drop it.
  11. wolvy

    The Walking Dead

    I thought it was OK, but it does seem like Kirkman has started to lose a bit of steam.
  12. I thought it was OK, it had nothing to do with Mike Carey's series and didn't really feel like it. If you take out Lucifer, it's basically eccentric English guy helps out the L.A.P.D.
  13. I was a little sad that Apocalypse didn't sound like his cartoon counter part. When he appeared, you just knew that shit got real.
  14. Bizarro would make more sense with the dream sequence and with Luthor using him to tarnish Superman's image.
  15. That's probably the main reason why SHIELD is after him. Steve understands that he was brain washed and mind controlled, so he didn't really have a choice in the matter. Plus, they were/are best friends. So, if your best friend went missing for decades, and then returned brain washed and mind controlled into doing those things. You'd likely be less judgmental than everybody else calling for his head.
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