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Found 15 results

  1. Constantine Episode 3 Summary “The Devil’s Vinyl” Introducing Papa Midnight. Source : http://www.ksitetv.c...a-midnite/43481
  2. Between this and The Walking Dead's return, this will definitely be a very happy 26th birthday for me indeed.
  3. http://seriable.com/.../#ixzz3NjrLEo5p So not only a Chas centered episode but a loosely based adaptation of All His Engines as we now know Geraldine has Tricia's part in the original story.
  4. Daniel Cerrone (via Twitter) John edit follows.... Anne Marie, a member of the Newcastle crew, asks John and Chas for help in Mexico City -- bringing them close to the heart of the rising darkness; Zed is haunted by her past.
  5. So with the rating of Constantine being good and bad and the chances for a second season being unsure, it's safe to assume that this will be it's only season. That being said, let's try to think about the pros of the series that can at least let us say "Hey that was pretty good" I'll start; The references to the comics were rewarding. Matt Ryan could really get into character The tone of the show almost reaches HB's level...almost. Angelica Celaya. Nuff said. Charles Halford did well as Chas. Though he could've been a bit more...anally fatherly towards John then motherly. The guest DC characters aren't as bad as the NU52 crossovers. Good on them for trying to get John to smoke. At least they acknowledged that John was bisexual instead of pass right over it. The music was alright More racial diversity WOC good Special effects Manny was a cool character and his actor. Papa Midnite was cool along with his actor.
  6. Full synopsys (courtesy of KSite) "Zed's bizarre vision of snakes leads her and John to a small town where a preacher has mysteriously gained the ability to heal his congregation."
  7. No synopsis yet, but a recurring character "Eddie" from the previous episode. Edited by John Mc to add the synopsis, I'll leave the poll to you Mister Brown.
  8. Unlike Marvel (note their films and TV) DC has not quite got the hang of recognising its artists and writers on work for hire. This comment from Steve Bissette is telling. Given that Alan Moore's stroppy comments have led to him letting Lloyd and Gibbons get some credit, and Superman films have to credit relevant creators, this is a matter of dignity Delano, Veitch, Totleben, Bissette, Carey and Ennis have been referenced. Probably more if you include the DCU Easter Eggs. It would not take them much to put a "based on", and DC's legal department risk management team should let that happen. If you're on the Twitter please retweet my tweet
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Kbdtn-pmbWA A lot of us will have seen the leaked pilot, though additional scenes have been shot, please use spoiler tags if you're talking about the episode before it airs in the States this Friday (NBC, 10pm).
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