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Found 1 result

  1. If no writer since the proper Hellblazer was cancelled gives a shit about writing an ersatz Constantine (preferring the proper musky-balled dogshagger), why not just get rid of him completely and let some of the supporting cast take over as protagonists? Have Gemma as the new Constantine (and maybe even portray her as a woman in her early '40s, rather than somebody who's stopped ageing when she was 22) and actually do something with the suggestions Delano, Gaiman and Ennis made that there's a long history of people with that name sticking their noses where they don't belong and causing trouble. If Gemma's seen as too crap there's the wannabe cousin from Milligan's run, the surviving demonic Constanteenie from Carey's run, most of the Tate Club, Papa Midnite (whoever the fuck he is this year) and a fair few other supporting cast members who might be up to the approach. (ETA some context for those who might not follow the reference: Taggart was a British police procedural drama from the '80s about a rather more hardboiled DCI than Morse or Frost. When the actor who played him -Mark McManus- died in 1994, his character was written out the series which replaced the lead by concentrating on the rest of the cast as ensemble instead. Taggart lasted a lot longer as a series without Taggart than it did with Taggart, as a quick look at the wiki page shows.)
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