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Found 1 result

  1. Th Laughing Magician's Journal is back up and running again.I'll be honest,with Rebirth around the corner ,I was like "let's see what happenes",and was thankful new52 was over.Now I'm mad again so I redid the blog.First 2 entries are up ,you can check here (and in my signature).http://a-laughing-magicians-journal.blogspot.com/ And tell me what you think. The funny thing with thiis is that there are so many John Constantine incarnations out there that this John is his own John who's aware of the other John's and creative works featuring himself,thus making for some fun meta moments with this and people telling hm he looks like John Constantine... The fact that there are reboots,retcons and such kinda gave me a had time last time so I'm running with a composite John from my own DC-verse Earth Omega Prime (working on a wiki that is taking far too long--have to dump and rewash). I also want to delve into the magic elements from the DCU and spend very-very-very limited time with capes .But you'll be hearing from the likes of Raven,Zatanna,Traci Thirteen,The Phantom Stranger,Madame Xanadu,etc. I also am pretty big on Hellblazer references so that's gonna be in there. Gonna try to actually keep this up this time,and unlike last time I have organized story arcs for it to carry itself,so it'll turn out better.If anyone wants,you can read and review.Any critique will be appreciated--however,be warned,I am not British,not English and beyond some research my experience with England is only knowing one person from the UK who since graduated [from Manchester England] and went back home a few years ago.So I'd appreciate if anyone from across the pond could give me some cultural references or anything off. Thankyou and enjoy! :)