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Found 10 results

  1. A. Heathen


    Constantine is 65 in May. Meanwhile Hellblazer is 30 http://www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk/headlines/tripwire-celebrates-30-years-of-hellblazer/
  2. I was hoping this would be a new logo
  3. Right,so since I been binging on hellblazer and anything related to it,I came across so many different iterations.I realized something. 1)I really,really don't like John in Azarello's run.He bothered me too much and he was a little shit who got everything he deserved. 2)I really liked Keanusteen.Was awesome and what made me wanna look into hellblazer in the first place.admit,it was a good movie,just not a good hellblazer movie 3)I liked Delano's John.Seemed very much human 4)Ennis was good,but I need to finish ennis's run to make a final determination 5)Gaiman,YES 6)Mina and Diggle,I didn't read as much...I'm kinda reading the comics as I find them 7)Milligan should've handled it better considering john's age...
  4. Some guy began complaining how John is evil for "worshipping Satan." 2 people whined about him being "gay". Said already ruined character and show for them. Random Marvel fan claimed Constantine is a Dr. Strange rip-off. GUYS. PLEASE.
  5. I thought I'd show you guys a fanfic one-shot I worked on a while ago. Tell me what you guys think of it. https://www.fanficti...to-Life-and-God
  6. http://www.cinelinx.com/tv/item/7098-here-s-how-nbc-is-trying-to-keep-constantine-going.html HERE'S HOW NBC IS TRYING TO KEEP CONSTANTINE GOING 05 Feb 2015 Written by Jordan Maison Published in Channel Control Be the first to comment! Things haven't been looking so great for NBC's Constantine, having already announced a halt to production after 13 episodes and no mention of renewal, fans are understandably concerned about the future of the show and the stories yet to be told. While it may not be a "for sure" thing, I've heard some word on how the executives are trying to keep the show going. Come inside to check it out! Despite the low numbers, NBC's Constantine show has a very active and rabid fan base. When word about the series' production halt came about, the internet was flooded with #SaveConstantine posts and hope for the future. Sadly, things haven't been looking all that good. Recently NBC announced a wave of show renewals for their channel and the DC Comics show was nowhere to be seen. So is all hope lost for this show? Maybe not... I've heard from a couple of sources now that NBC doesn't really want to give up onConstantine and are actively searching for ways to keep the show going. Let me preface the next thing I'm about say with this: the sources have made it clear that this is anIDEA/possible plan being bandied about. So it's not 100% and may not come to pass, but it is one of the more popular ideas being put out there right now amongst the show-heads. Still with me? Okay. The idea here isn't so much to keep Constantine going on NBC but to move it to the Syfy Channel (where the marathon they ran of the show did very well) and rebranding it as Hellblazer. The new channel would give them a little more freedom to explore some of the darker aspects of the comic and appeal to a broader fanbase. Like I said, this isn't a for sure thing right now, but my sources say it is something NBC is seriously considering and hoping to do. I wish I had a timetable of when we might see or hear anything more specific, but for now, there's a chance we'll be seeing a Hellblazer show on Syfy with the same cast. -Jordan
  7. I didn't know where else here to post it, but I figured here would be good. Tell me how it is, I guess. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10604760/1/A-Cigarette-to-Life-and-God
  8. Just wondering who'd win in a fight between John Constantine vs Dante from the Devil May Cry series?
  9. Here are the many, many, many faces of John Constantine, Hellblazer, as imagined by his fans and the artists what drawred him over the years (snaked from too many sources to cite. Fuck 'em.) I hope I'm not the only one who posts on this thread. If you google his name and go to "images" there's a ton of cool fan art out there. This was a much loved character whose impact on fans was underestimated by the suits at the publisher's office.
  10. It hasn't been that long for me. I discovered Hellblazer a long time ago when I bought Original Sins but never really got into it until I started reading Mike Carey's run in 2006 or about. I downloaded all the issues up until the current ones I was reading, which was an interesting overlap. I suppose it's why I'm so fond of Carey's run. When were you hopelessly smitten with hellblazing?
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