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Found 1 result

  1. So, back in 2006, the male choir I'm a part of (we meet once a year to sing and party) had a concert in a very special place called the Emanuel Vigeland mausoleum. EV was the brother of Gustav Vigeland, the sculptor who made the statues in the Vigeland Park in central Oslo, among others this giant obelisk of naked people: Like his brother, Emanuel was kinda megalomanic, to the degree that he built a huge mausoleum in his own backyard, where he was to be interred after death. He painted the walls of the mausoleum on the inside with stunning images like this one: Really cool place. But the most salient point when it comes to singing is the acoustics. There is a roughly 13 second echo in that place. That's a LOT. It makes for very special concerts, any music with a high tempo just becomes muddled. I basically had to write several new songs for the concert. Luckily we taped it, nad now I've put it all online. You can listen to the music here. I composed the second and fourth song, and wrote the arrangement for nos. 3 and 5.