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Found 1 result

  1. Okay,so I had this idea for a project I am working on,it's a roleplay twitter-novel thing. Here's the idea. I wanted to do a twitter novel based on the Hellblazer-verse called 'Spectral',it's an elseworld's tale.The idea is that after the death of several members of young justice and teen titans and other superheros,the UN had to reign them all in.So now ,the JLA and all related groups are peace keeping officers tied directly to the government who can ONLY take cases related to metahumans. The exceptions to this rule are the Arrow family and Bat Family.Certain people are being reveiwed and /or considered in the future to do this but not everyone. Anyway,so the premise is that dead superheroes are coming back in the form of 'phantoms' and fighting crime; only with a supernatural twist; those who commit crimes are punished by way of either a jinx,a curse or just outright demon sigils on them,and others dragged straight to hell.Victims have turned up with protection symbols carved into their flesh or vanish because they have been sent to heaven or the after life. The main premise is that Rose Constantine (now a teenager) is one of the 'Spectral',people who have died a hero and come back with the ability to 'punish the wicked' (and yes they ARE connected to the Spectre). I need some folks to help me out and role play some characters