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Guardians of the Galaxy

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That whole "property" thing strikes me as stupidity on steroids. People like us are going to go see comic movies. People who don't care what they watch, ditto.


So the all other people are only going to go to any particular movie if something attracts their attention to it.


How is "Oh look, Silver Surfer is in this movie, I will go watch it" not a good thing for people who have movies with these sort of characters in them?. People get a second dose of YOUR character at some other studios expense, then when you come back ten years after the first movie you made, you automatically benefit from the "advertising" of the other peoples movie.


The only way it could be a bad thing that I can think of, is if someone put your Aquaman character in their movie, cause he sucks.

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I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yesterday and Thor Ragnarok.

Great fun, and I really do like how they have rehabilitated some of the villains in the Marvel universe films.

Jeff Goldblum should totally appear as the main villain in #3.

And I reckon that's my favourite Stan Lee cameo (with the barber in TR close second) outside of Deadpool trailers.

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