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Ah, I should've done this long ago. I have hundreds of unfinished songs, many of which are clearly supposed to be instrumental and it's only through sheer bloody-mindedness that I've let them sit around so long waiting for lyrics. Finishing them wordlessly is the way to go.


Example 1: Struts!




Zany and goofy and with an exclamation point in the name.


I've also uploaded the soundtrack to that monstrous theatre thing I did last year, but I know I posted that here already.

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haha. Figures; I think at that age pretty much my entire cultural milieu was action movies. I kind of miss the simplicity. It was only a matter of months before I was loaned Sandman and Hellblazer, thus beginning my transformation to the scatterbrained Worshiper of Concepts that stands before you*.


Other track names from the period include Courage Under Fire, Forced Entry, The Agents and Arm Yourselves, Soldiers! And then a year later the titles are all mysteriously purple-tinged: Dancing With Time, Impurity In The System, An Alien Birth, Macabre World, etc. I was corrupted


*thousands of miles away, and actually sitting

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