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A. Heathen

Quick note to guests and new folks

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slinker    893

The initiation ritual only hurts for a week, and mainly when you sit on a bar stool, since that's the object used for the initiation. but whatever it was they inserted down there has given me much more dexterity at picking things up with my buttcheeks.. Not just pencils and hot dogs but magazines, drivers licenses, pennies, jelly beans. I can even turn the page of a book. This couldn't be on accident.

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Rogan    176

Didn't know where else to put this sooo here


Me as John Constantine


Really cool Hellblazer getup.


Also, let me say I'm so glad to see that the budding TV show fans [and lapsed Keanuites alike] are finding this forum - and, I'm hoping, the nifty Hellblazer Wiki.

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