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It was twenty years ago today: The Invisibles

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Nah, the price dropped when they figured out that Ennis did not consider them the same characters.


Slinker-That may be true. I don't really know what Preacher #0 was...I see some copies online. Absolute Vertigo is not Preacher #0 though. Absolute Vertigo was a preview comic. It cost 99cents, and had a bonus new Invisibles short story to get you to buy a preview comic.

Vertigo did a few other ones in the 1990s. There was one that was a preview of the soon-to-launch Vertigo Comics line, which included a bonus new Sandman short story. Vertigo Rave had a bonus new Books of Magic short story.

Then, there was Vertigo X, which included a bonus new Shade short story, the final Peter Milligan Shade story.

I think those were the only editions.

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Man, I love the Invisibles:


Our world is sick, boy. Very sick. A virus got in a long time ago and we've got so used to its effects, we've forgotten what it was like before we became ill. I'm talking about Cities, see?

Human cultures were originally homeostatic; they existed in a self-sustaining equilibrium, with no notions of time and progress, like we've got. Then the city-virus got in. No one's really sure where it came from or who brought it to us, but like all viral organisms, it's one directive is to use up all available resources in producing copies of itself.

More and more copies until there's no raw material left and the host body, overwhelmed, can only die. The cities want us to become good builders. Eventually, we'll build rockets and carry the virus to other worlds.

Cities have their own way of talking to you; catch sight of the reflection of a neon sign and it'll spell out a magic word that summons strange dreams. Have you never seen the word "IXAT" glowing in the night? That's one of the holy names. Or make tape recordings of traffic noise and listen to them at night. You'll hear the voices of the city coming through, telling you things, showing you pictures. Sometimes they'll show you where they came from.

In waking dreams, i've seen cemetery planets circling abandoned stars. Like mausoleums, silent and dead, every building a headstone.

That's what cities do... But those of us who know the secret learn ways to unlock the power in cities. We make a pact with them and they give us gifts in return...

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