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Lucifer being played for laughs for TV

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Okay so I've been binge watching this the past few days. I'm somewhere late season 2 and I cannot go on. It's rare for me to ditch a series that I've invested time into because usually I'm at least interested in seeing how they tie things up. It's just that right now I do not care about any single one of the characters at all. 

And yes it bothers me how fucking stupid Lucifer is. There's not one ounce of wit or self insight in the character. It plays around with some fun ideas but they are all so shallow and undeveloped that it becomes a meaningless blur. 

Thing is, it got cancelled at the end of season 3. A lot of people seem to like it, and now it's getting a fourth season on Netflix. I know Netflix will literally make anything but whhhhhhhhhhhy.

Occasional fun moments.

Satanist: "I thought you were supposed to be blond"

Lucifer: "Yes I get that a lot"

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