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EP Cerone talks Con-Job

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Here's a nice interview with excutive producer Daniel Cerone. He touches on many topics, like; smoking, bisexuality, powers, inspiration, etc. Some of this is new, some old, but it's a good all in one for various topics.

I feel confident saying fans have little to worry about when it comes to how they approch John Constantine.




- "Hellblazer" is the template and they'll honor the character as laid out in that book. Also, there's heavy inspiration from his appearances in Swamp Thing. There is zero mention of the "Constantine" monthly comic.

- John is a chain smoker, they just can't show it.

- John has NO inherent powers. All of his abilities are from studying and hard work.

- Bisexuality for John is possible but it's not defining to who he is as a character.

- Dr. Fate & Phantom Stranger are possibilites. They will be more easter eggs for the time being.

- The "Newcastle crew" will make appearance, especially Gary Lester and Ritchie Simpson.

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