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A. Heathen

Constantine S01E08: "The Saint of Last Resorts" pt1

Can ANYONE #saveconstantine  

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  1. 1. blah blah blah ... usual preamble

    • 1- Nasty Habits
    • 2- Nuns of the Navarone
    • 3- The Sinful Nuns of St Valentine
    • 4- Twisted Sister
    • 5- Sister Act
    • 6- The Nun's Story
    • 7- Hells Are Alive With The Sound of whatever's on Zed's ipod
    • 8- Sister Assumpta from Father Ted
    • 9- Nun out of Ten
    • 10- Nun of the Above

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i mean the artifacts are a way of working around the fact that john isn't doctor fate. it's a bit lazy writing i guess. i say burn down the house or banish it into the nothing were it belongs, it can take the artifacts with it. but john DOES rely on artifacts in HB. i remember the arrc with the soul stock market, or when he pulls out those the pendulum to track down this house with the creepy child molester.


i disliked the age thing, specifically since the dialogue hinted at her being quite a bit older than johnnyboy. also her epiphany at what john does was not that well written. but all in all a pretty nice episode. i like how everybody is giving john shit at somepoint (which the nu52 version does too, just worse) and then go back to try understanding the bloke.


the vampirelady looked a wee to cliché and cheap'ish' for my taste.

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