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A. Heathen

20 Questions: Guess The Easter Egg

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It's a map from 1783, so ancestor?


Also, are we working on a new 20 Qs now, or are we done after that solve?

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I cut a couple of frames including that glass jar on the right.

16008458911_4920a01861.jpgConstantine s1e08 Easter Egg 2 by surprise truck,

looks like a gnome.


15824396569_150a61da29.jpgConstantine s1e08 Easter Egg 1 by surprise truck,

Some sort of red knight?


Plus of course the fan-friendly photo that Anne Marie used.

15984628436_46b38285e4.jpgConstantine s1e08 Muscous Membrane by surprise truck

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In Dave Blass's photo, we can see most of the DCU items already spotted, plus some speculation on my part


Left to right

Ibis The Invincible's staff

[an hour glass?]

Psycho Pirate's Mask of Medusa

(directly below) Pandora's box

Nightmaster's Sword of Night

[an epee on the shelf]

Sargon's turban

Rasputin's Clock (partially obscured by one of two urns, just in front of the statue)

Fate's helmet

[a trident?]

Silk Cuts and lighter

[A red pixie in a jar] (Dave Blass said it's just an odd statue. I reckon Constantine's trapped a Brownie)

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