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Constantine: The Hellblazer Relaunch

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Hell, I don't want to see this damn book turned in to being all about relationships and love!

It's a DC comic book, rated for teens. I'd say the first issue got away with quite a bit, but I hardly expect that we're going to be seeing sexual relations every issue in this book.

I'm not going to complain if we never see John even mention sex or a relationship ever again in the book.


Also, by "having children", I meant a reason for someone to be responsible and raise the kids and maintain a family. I did remember that he had some demon kids in some Carey story-arc, but that's hardly the same as having a child of your own.

I sort of forgot the Tefe thing, but that was Swamp Thing not John anyway. John just ruined their moment by taking back over his body right at the climax.

It was a point that's been well lost by now, and isn't important any longer.

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... I think that the negative responses to this book on this forum were based on comparing this with Hellblazer, ...


Not mine. I like to believe I gave it a chance on its own merits. I just didn't like the writing.

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