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Hellblazer Fanfiction

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Wasn't sure exactly which forum to post this, so if it needs to be moved by all means do so. I'm a writer and one of the things I've written a lot of over the years is comic fanfiction. Back in 2008 I started a Hellblazer fanfic series that stalled out after a few issues when the site that was hosting it closed down. I dusted it off back last year and started working on it again, and the early chapters were re-posted on another fanfic site. I freely admit some nervousness posting the link to it here, because I can see I was trying way too hard in the early days to get the voice and tone right. I'm not solid with some of the plot and characterization choices I made then either - John's a bit too much the horndog and I spent way too much time dredging up past Hellblazer characters and continuity - but the stuff I'm writing now I'm much more confident about.


So, yeah, anyway. Read it if you want, I welcome all comments (be they critical or complimentary, I have thick skin), and though only the first three chapters are up on the website I've written up through the seventh. So if you like and ask nicely, I'll post those too.



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I did finally finish this fanfiction story, with large chunks of it rewritten, last year.  It's all up on fanfiction.net now, along with the first couple of chapters of a sequel story.

John Constantine, Hellblazer: Children of the Grave by Chris Munn

John Constantine, Hellblazer: Coffin Nails by Chris Munn

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