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13 hours ago, Christian said:

Dog-Look at Spider Man. His fashion sense remained intact after his deal with the Devil.

If you're using Son of Satan and Satanna as examples, they're both the progeny of Satan, not of making deals with demons.


Exactly, Lou. I think that's what Ennis might have been getting at, that Castle won't ever be able to die so long as his war is on-going, which will last until the end of time.

It could also explain the fact that Frank Castle is still in-continuity a veteran of the Vietnam War, even though that was 50 years ago now. Castle should be somewhere in his 70s, yet he's still looking the same age as when he started.

Sure, you can argue about "Marvel's time-line", but they recently ret-conned it so that Tony Stark's origin took place in Afghanistan, not Vietnam. It would be a simple matter to say that Castle was a soldier in the most recent war in Iraq, but Marvel has kept the Vietnam War back-story.

Otherwise, the Punisher is just a really in-shape guy with a big gun who runs around never having to worry about getting shot and killed. It's basically The Rock getting a bunch of guns and declaring a "war on crime", and running around amidst all these bullets, being perfectly fine. Eventually, the guy is going to get shot and killed, having no powers.

I think Ennis just kept it ambiguous enough that fans who would complain about supernatural elements popping up in a Punisher story could think that it was all part of his break-down, and that either explanation is acceptable.

No, they have retconned Frank as being a veteran of the Iraq war, back during Greg Rucka's run circa 2012 or so.  It's only in the MAX comic that he's still a 60+ Vietnam veteran, and that's a totally separate continuity than the regular Marvel Universe Punisher (considering, y'know, MAX Frank is dead now).  

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Christian    756

Ah. I did not know that MAX Frank was dead. That would also mean that Ennis' "demon" was exclusive to the MAX continuity also. So, it wouldn't apply to Earth-616 Punisher. Making it an alternate universe take that Punisher made a deal with a demon, if one wants to read the story in that manner.

I didn't even realize that Rucka had written Punisher, or knew that they ret-conned the Punisher's origin.

All I knew was that Ennis just wrote that Punisher MAX mini-series which featured Castle in the Vietnam War, so I took it that the original continuity was still intact.

So, that just leaves the issue of Magneto and Professor X in the Marvel Universe with time-scale issues. There are explanations for why Professor X isn't in his 90s and Magneto isn't dead, but they don't totally gel with the time-line. Magneto was deaged in a story-arc of Defenders, while Professor X died and had a younger body cloned by the Shi'ar. So, that could explain why they are still relatively young, even though they were both born before World War II. Except, with the new time-scale, that means that Magneto would have in his 90s when he first appeared. Professor X would have been in his 80s when he was putting together his X-Men.

It's not an easy matter to ret-con Magneto's origin, and Xavier has to have been a companion of him in their younger days, making them of similar age.

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dogpoet    468

I thought Xavier's war memories were Korea, rather than WW2? His step brother's certainly are, iirc. I don't see how their first meeting In Israel in the late '50s (unless that's been retconned away now) suggests that they're of a similar age, either.

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Christian    756

Xavier was in the Korean War, but it means he was born before World War II.

Magneto was just a child during World War II, when he was put in the concentration camps. I believe he was roughly 19 years old when he had his children with his lover. Which would really upset Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's ages also, as they're roughly in their 30s, but would have had to be born circa 1946 or so.

EDIT:Oh, actually, I think that Marvel did explain Wanda and Pietro's ages, by saying that the High Evolutionary put them in suspended animation for years after their birth.

It's true that that Xavier and Magneto don't need to be of similar ages to have become friends in Israel. Magneto could have been much older than Charles when they met, that's true.

It was always accepted that they were within a ten-year age span, with Magneto being the older of the two.

I guess maybe they could make it work by ret-conning most of Xavier's early back-story and saying he was born in the 1950s. Then, he met Magneto in Israel at a later date than the 1950s.

Oh, but that would mess up the Gabrielle Heller story....since even if Xavier liked much older women, she wouldn't be able to get pregnant with Legion at her age. Maybe you could make it so that Gabrielle was the daughter of a concentration camp survivor instead. Yeah, I guess that would work.

There is the fact that the story of Magneto and Xavier's first meeting involved Baron Von Strucker recovering stolen gold that had been transported out of Nazi Germany to fund Hydra, which Magneto took and used to fund his mutant crusade, but I guess that could be explained away as Hydra holding hordes of stolen gold from the Nazis years later.....

So, as long as people could accept that a nearly-80 year old Magneto decided to make his presence known in X-Men #1, and then he was deaged in that Defenders story, you could make the time-line work.

EDIT II:Actually, Magneto being a senile old man in the Silver Age would explain why he was such a ranting loony, compared to the later-Claremont interpretation. Claremont explained it away by saying that Magneto's powers messed up his brain chemistry, but that's not even needed. He was just suffering from dementia.

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Christian    756

I still think it would be easier if Marvel would just move ahead events in their time-line.

They can cram the majority of the 20th century in to one decade. It was a....really, really bad ten years: World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War.

Then, World War II could have happened sometime in the late-1960s in the Marvel Universe. Problem solved.

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