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Marvel's One World Order

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19 hours ago, Christian said:

Jason Aaron is leaving Conan with issue #12. To be replaced by Jim Zub. There goes the Conan neighbourhood.

I wonder if Aaron is planning to leave Marvel soon. Avengers will be his only book left at Marvel.


I thought I read somewhere he planned for 12 issues.


Maybe he'll finish Southern Bastards?

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Dunno if anybody on here looks at any of the advance order listings, but apparently the latest Guardians of the Galaxy relaunch is going to be scripted by Al "Fuck off, Pak: this is the Totally Awesome Hulk" Ewing.

Might be worth a look if it's as good as the other...

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Yeah, I'll have to check it out, considering that Immortal Hulk is one of the few comics being published currently that is actually worth reading every month.

He even managed to do something interesting with the Inhumans, something that every other writer Marvel tried completely failed during their "Inhumans can be just as popular as mutants" idiocy.

If Aaron leaves Marvel, Ewing will be pretty much the only quality writer Marvel has left.

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Incoming #1-Wow! Another Marvel preview comic that they are charging $10 for, and then Marvel wonders why they keep losing readers.

It wasn't bad enough that Marvel turned their 80th anniversary comic in to an overpriced preview for their upcoming cross-over event, now Marvel decided it was needed to publish another overpriced preview comic for their upcoming cross-over event.

The comic was such a come on, with that cover, ripping off DC's recent "murder mystery" event, which I guess did sell quite well.

If you guessed that no one of importance died, you would be correct.

I won't spoil who was murdered, but I'll just say that half of the readers said, "So what?" while the other half said, "Who is that character?".


X-Men #4-Now, that is more like it! A superb issue. This is what I expected from Hickman's "Dawn of X".

A nice callback to Chris Claremont's "God Loves, Man Kills" story, with the portrayal of Magneto.

Also, a quote from one of my favourite books, Aldous Huxley's The Island.

"Arsenals, universal debt, planned obsolescence. This is what makes up Western civilization."

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