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Demon Chas08

Hello, Neron... (Constantine - The Heckblazer #9)

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Oh, I forgot about that. I was thinking it was just that yuppies were in league with Hell, but you're correct. Still, not a bad call-back for the book.

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This feels like a tribute to that issue rather than anything original.

Maybe an update.


Except when Neron is around, I like the art very much.


There is a jarring moment when Constanteeny refers to Midnite as "Papa".

Thats not right, is it?

Nor is "I swear on my sister's skull".

Plus he's too much of a dick in this version.


Smoking = "mortal vices" ???


There is more to like here but the escape is too much like a Road To... buddy movie for me.


And as for the final page... ug.

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