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A proposal for future chapters of Hellblazer

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Hello. I am from Colombia and I'd like to propose a following from the chapter 300 of Hellblazer (please, excuse me for my english):




After the shoot that John receive from Gemma, and after appearing at the A Long Journey's End tavern, John is very confused, as he is suposed to be dead, but is alive an older, then the three fates show before him, telling that he was being tested, and by facing his destiny instead of fleeing from this, he passed the test. They warn him about a catastrophe menacing the world, and the only posibility for the world to survive is the Golden Child, and the only one that can bring him is John, but eventually will die for aging, as the demon blood no longer rund in his veins, so he must hurry.


By the way, Epiphany realices that she is pregnant, and Jhon is the father, so she decides to search for him. At that moment appears Mary Constantine, and tells her that she is concerned about the appearance of the First Woman, Lillith, and the trouble she could bring into Hell, so the both of them join forces to search for John.


The Pagan Nation has received the revelations, the constant wrongs of mankind finally will be discharged for the Mother Earth, and the only hope is the Golden Child, But Lucifer Morningstar makes them an interesting proposal.

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A list of characters and factions and their dispossition towards John:




Epiphany Constantine: Despite being abandoned by John, her pregnancy and the arrival of Mary in her life had given her more determination to fight for the love of John and fight alongside with him against the catastrophe.


Mary Constamtine: Her life as the head of House Nergal was too hard for her, and her questioning of her hellish origins became stronger, she decided to resign her post and search for her true identity, and her father may be the key.




The Pagan Nation: After all those years isolated from the rest of the world, the global catastrophe that menaces the world has reached them. Now their only hope isThe Golden Child, and Lucifer revealed to them that Constantine is the only one that can bring him back, despite Mercury growing distrustful of him


Chantinelle: The old friend of John, now working as an agent of Lucifer, but something has changed with her, and now is more determined to protect John and his family. But is very reserved with her motives


Gloria: She had the will to resurrect in little time, and now her hatred for Nergal and her respect for John make her a true asset. Now she is working for Lillith


Chas: A great calamity is scourging London, he and his family were about to leave when Gemma showed and told him that John was alive and she needed his help to find him. Now they recognice that John is the one that can fight the catastrophe.


Angie Spatchcock: Now more resigned with John not loving her more, but with a little hope inside her, had decided to fight the catastrophe with all her might, and join John in some of his adventures

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The First of the Fallen: Despite his efforts to destroy and defeat John now the war in hell had focused all of his attention, now he realices that is better be on the friendly side of John.


Lucifer Morningstar: The catastrophe had alerted him, and now he is planning the protection of his family and his own universe, and he realices that the key to both objectives is The Golden Child, so he has decided to influence John's life and environment.


Lillith: Her intentions and her objectives are unknown, but her affinity with the original role of hell as a place of punishment rather than a place of evil, also her disdain for the First of the Fallen is obvious


Rosacarnis: Now that she is in a weak possition of power in hell, and being grateful with John for taking care of her daughter, she had to acept Lillith's support in the war against her father.


Gemma: Despite being her who searched for John to face the catastrophe, her feelings for her uncle are very conflictive and she is very confused.

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Nergal: His hatred for John knows no limits, despite the order of the First of the Fallen to stop harrasing John, but his efforts are very focused in the war against his daughter


The Masons: After the incident with Jullakuntilliokan, they were waiting and planning for their next chance, now the catastrophe seems to be the oportunity they were waiting for.


The Opus Dei: The armed hand of the Church realiced that was John who stole the Evangely of Constantine, and now they had decided to hunt for him, for revenge and for political convenience.


The ISIS Qabbalah: A faction of the Qaballah that is working with terrorism for the global domination, recurring to dark secrets long forgotten.


The Archangels: They never were very happy with John causing the fall of Gabriel, now, even the order from the Lord to no attack him isn't enough to keep them from searching their revenge.


Terry Greaves: After Knowing that was his daughter who sold him to The Devil, and after a time in hell, he become full of hatred against John and Epiphany, and now seeks revenge

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Another option for the beginning of the history i thought (Thanks to Pfedor):


After managing to trick the tree fates into believing him finally dead, John was in pain in the bar, so finally arrived Chantinelle to give him the antidote of the poison of the dart, they were talking about this when the three fates showed up, telling them that they always knew their trick, and that they wanted him to fool them, so they could trust him with a last mission: help them fool the destiny of this world, about to be destroyed. For that, the arrival of the Golden Child is the key.

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