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Ixnay by Night

A literary (foolish?) notion

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So, how to start this? I've been a fan of the comic literary anthologies that Sequential Art has produced over the years, my wife usually gets me a new volume every Christmas (with last year bringing me the excellent analysis of Morrison's Batman run). I've wondered a few times, considering Sequart's focus on Morrison, Moore, and Ellis that they've never produced a work like this for Hellblazer, and I've always wished someone would take on that job.


This forum holds such wealth of discussion and information from everyone, all of whom are here not just due to a love of the character but out of the desire to discuss the meaning and impact that the series had on all of us over the years.


Fuck it, what if WE wrote a book like that? Self-publishing is easier than ever (I actually used to work for Amazon's Print-On-Demand department, years ago, for what that's worth), and there's no better authority on the subject than all of us. Break it down into eras/runs if you like, with one writer taking on one apiece from Moore to Milligan (SOMEONE here HAS to be able to talk about Milligan's run other than writing "shit" 2,000 times).


Would anyone be interested in attempting something like this, which admittedly could be a reach for anything substantial, but again...fuck it, I'd love to try.

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I'd hope that there's no need to say this Ixnay, but if you do cannibalise anybody's posts on here (or, indeed, Ade's annotations), make sure you mention it to them and get their permission first.


(I think, under the TOS, anything and everything posted on here is going to be legally the landlord's intellectual property, so he's probably the best place to start asking. It would still be a good idea to mention it to any posters who've posted something that looks worth collecting, though. I think Jess Nevin's occasional habit of collecting material on internet messageboards and not acknowledging that he's done so has led to resentment towards him in some quarters: he's stopped doing that now, but a few people still have persistent grudges lingering...)

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