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CONSTANTINE IS BACK... As an animated series ??

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Christian    790

That is a pretty egregious change considering it's an All His Engines adaptation. That was one of the biggest high-points of All His Engines, the amount of characterization Carey used with Chas.

The whole point to the graphic novel's superb ending was about how Chas was just a "regular guy", and not one of John's occult-oriented buddies.

For almost any other HB adaptation, it wouldn't have been a big deal, but that was one of the aspects that really made All His Engines stand out as a top quality JC story. I wonder what the purpose even was in making that change, as it doesn't seem like it would matter to the plot to change Chas' back-story. Maybe it's based in the fact that Chas was such a small part of most of Delano's run on HB. Yet, the creators should be looking towards the Carey source material, rather than to Delano, for this story.

Although, as mentioned, it is named after a Si Spencer comic book too, so who knows?

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