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DC Nation #0-Well, that Tom King Batman story was worth the 25 cents! That was a great little Joker short story, tying in to the up-coming Bat-wedding. I haven't been reading King on Batman, but this story worked. It's the best take on the Joker I've seen since Snyder got his hands on him (more on that guy below).

Otherwise, I can't even see myself paying 25 cents for those stories.

The Bendis Superman story definitely did not do anything to make me more interested in reading Brian Bendis Superman stories. I had zero interest beforehand, and I continue to not have any interest in reading anymore Bendis on Superman.

The Snyder Justice League prologue was just a mess. I read Dark Nights: Metal (yes, it was a mistake, outside of the Morrison written issue), and I still found this impenetrable garbage. I don't know why DC is allowing Snyder to take control of their Justice League franchise, but he seems to have made a royal mess of it.

I'm glad Bendis and Snyder are staying away from Marvel. I'm glad that King is being allowed the freedom to tell his Mister Miracle story for DC.

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