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Lou K    1,098
1 hour ago, GottaGetAGrip said:

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp on Green Lantern is confirmed after months of rumor!


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dogpoet    498

Sounds great, but doesn't Sharp notoriously draw even slower than Jim Lee? Mind you, given how long this has been talked about and with the first issue appearing in November, they've probably made sure they have the first story arc sent off to the colourists before announcing anything...

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Sharp was able to keep to the bi-weekly schedule for the Wonder Woman Rebirth book he did with Greg Rucka, though he didn't do every issue Rucka wrote for that title.

The latest in DC's upcoming creative shake-ups also brings Kelly Sue DeConnick to Aquaman's writer seat, replacing Dan Abnett. https://www.newsarama.com/40920-kelly-sue-deconnick-taking-over-aquman-ongoing.html

I've only read half of her Captain Marvel stuff, eh she's okay but not a writer that would make me want to rush out to start reading Aquaman.

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Christian    807

I do like Aquaman well enough, but I'm not sure about DeConnick on the character. She is a good writer, but Abnett failed to keep my interest in Aquman when I tried it at the start of the "Rebirth" stuff, so I doubt DeConnick will do a better job than Abnett. Aquaman doesn't seem like a character who would play particularly well to DeConnick's strengths.

No one is ever going to come close to doing what Peter David did with the character.

That's the problem I have with most of DC's books over Marvel's books. I've come to really care about the characters at Marvel. So, if a quality writer is writing a Marvel character, I'm going to buy the book. I want to see what that character is going to do, and as long as the writer is competent, it'll keep me reading.

DC's characters, I care more about the writers than the character. The characters I usually find sort of dull. So, it takes a writer doing something really interesting with the characters to make me want to buy the book. Abnett is a good writer, but just a well-written Aquaman comic isn't enough to get me to buy the book, because while I have some fondness for Aquaman from stuff I've read in the past, the character isn't appealing enough that simply a quality writer is going to entice me to want to keep reading.

I know Grant Morrison is going to do something highly creative with Green Lantern, so that book appeals to me.

That's probably due to the fact that I started reading Marvel Comics when I was a kid, whereas I didn't read any DC books until I was older. Hearing about Vertigo, and then later hearing about the Crisis reboot of the characters, and all the top creative teams that had revamped those characters in the '80s, made me want to find out more about the DC Universe. However, the Marvel characters were the ones I grew up with, so I look at them differently.

Plus, as fun as the DC Silver Age books were (I love my Showcase Presents collection), the characters were all so one-dimensional and flat. Stan Lee and Kirby and Ditko wrote more fully-fleshed out characters who weren't as "black and white" as the DC Silver Age characters. It's easier to go back and read a 1960s Spider Man comic and find out about Peter Parker's life, whereas a Silver Age Superman comic, it's all about the "larger than reality" plots, while Superman, himself, as a character was quite dull.

I don't have that same feeling of continuity and history when I look at the DC pantheon versus how I feel about the Marvel Universe.

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