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A. Heathen

The Hellblazer #19 At last, the 1988 show !

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It's not just the Sean Phillips covers this time.
One of the best introductory issues of an arc for a loooong time on Hellblazer turf.

His relationship with the copper continues to have an effect on Constantine. And the issue tells you all you need to know - no need to go and read it again!

The art is perfect. Fabbri and Dalla Vecchia channelling dark and broody (sic)  somewhere between David Lloyd and John Higgins. And with links to the mob-based tales that Peter Milligan attempted to steal from Garth Ennis.

Then it opens on a two page spread of Hell that's pretty much finest Pewter Age Hellblazer.

First one I will wholeheartedly recommend since Ray Fawkes and Jeremy Haun were hipsterised out of the neighbourhood.


Also contains a @@@@ing gorgeous preview of something called Brimstone, coming soon from the DC.

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Fabbri's art still isn't doing much for me in that I'm just not a general fan of how he draws stuff, but at least in this issue his art did evoke some feeling of horror rather than the Scooby Doo hijinks of prior issues. Fabbri did a good job illustrating the return of a classic Hellblazer foe in this issue.

Seeley writes a good intro (though there were some bits of dialogue that felt off for me) that gets the reader up to speed where John is at and sets up several threads for the rest of his six-parter. He has quite the juggling act ahead of him: balancing threads of demonic gangsters, John's love life woes, superheroes, and the machinations of classic Hellblazer villains. (If the future covers are to be believed, Nergal won't be the last). Hopefully he manages to stick the landing.

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