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A. Heathen

Comics we want

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This is for those odd missed comics you'd like to have.

Apart from quite liking to read the Legion origins by Claremont and Sienkiweicz but not liking the art in the rest of the trade, I seem to be missing some.

Let Me In 4
My inner bimbo 3 4 5 (Sam Keith) (probably just in a different box)
Superman secret identity 3 (Busiek)
I am hoping to start the great sorting out in the next couple of months and will have some to give away (for the cost of postage).
(I'm keeping Swamp Thing and Hellblazer and Sandman comics. Probably Star Man too.)

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This seems a great idea for a thread, Ade. I'll try to resist thinking of you as Noel Edmonds from now on, though. :wink2:

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