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I Hope We See Adult Gemma Again In Spurrier's Hellblazer

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It's kind of funny. Throughout most of the original Hellblazer, Gemma was typically just the kid niece of John who got into incredibly sticky situations that John rescued her from; from Jamie Delano's story of a Damnation Army fanatic strangling underage girls to Garth Ennis' story of her being pressured by this bully to do a blood ritual. Gemma as a child I didn't find really interesting (she still had her good moments in the comics as a kid), and it wasn't until Mike Carey's run on Hellblazer that the character became interesting in my eyes.

One of the reasons why Mike Carey's Hellblazer is my favorite run of John Constantine other than how Carey could balance the magician and the conman sides of John was the work Carey put into making adult Gemma into a compelling character. No longer was she the little girl that had to be rescued by her uncle. She was an adult who could stand on her own two feet and who was someone who didn't tolerate the bullshit of her uncle. Hell, under Carey, she became a competent magician in her own right. The adult version of Gemma is my second favorite character of the Hellblazer mythos (you know who's first). I would totally read a Hellblazer mini-series with her as the star.

Probably my favorite moment of adult Gemma had to be in the Reasons to be Cheerful story when she went clubbing with this dude who was being forced to serve one of Constantine's demonic children; who used the guy's lust for Gemma to make him his servant. The guy was going to rufie her, but she discovered his scheme and switched their drinks at the club. The best part of it was when Gemma said to the guy that she was going to have sex with him until she found the drugs he planned to use on her. The irony of it just made me laugh. 

But enough about that. One of the key concepts that is driving Spurrier's Hellblazer is that John is in a very unfamiliar world. And as weird as it was to how Spurrier dealt with the continuity of Hellblazer in The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer #1, I really hope that an older and wiser Gemma eventually appears in the series. Perhaps she has her own family now. What we know about Gemma's age by the time the original Hellblazer series came to an end was that she was 34 years old and if we account for the years that have passed since then, she would be 40 or 41 years old. Maybe it will happen or maybe it won't happen. I think I really just miss Gemma.

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Maybe the soulless old fart is a sexually realigned Gemma rather than the last panel of #300?

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