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Mr. Tom Willecome

A Big Thank You

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I just wanted to thank everyone who donated to "Challenge Tom". Together we managed to collect £300 for The Lymphoma Association so give yourselves a pat on the back. You deserve it for going along with such a ridiculous idea and, more importantly, donating to such a worthy cause.


I'd especially like to thank my co-conspiritors, Ade Brown and John McMahon, for their hard work and dedication to making me squirm and making this whole thing work and James and Joe for their company and a place to kip.


Now, just in case you thought I'd absconded with the cash, here's the nice e-mail I got from them when I paid the money in:


Payment ref: D719935


Dear Tom,


The Lymphoma Association would like to thank you very much for your kind donation of GBP300.00, and sends you the following message:


The Lymphoma Association would like to thank you for your support. Every hour of every day one person in the UK is diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and your donation will go to help us extend the services we offer to patients, family, friends and carers of those affected by lymphomas.


Your donation is now being processed and will be passed straight on to The Lymphoma Association once it has been authorised.


We hope you have enjoyed using our online donation service. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about your donation.


The Justgiving Team


Tel: 0845 021 2110


Thanks again, you lovely people.



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Great stuff. Happy to have contributed, wish I'd been able to come along for the trip.


It was a cracking idea - nice one, sir. Hats off, and all that.

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Massive props to all involved. Glad to have contributed.

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