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So are we EVER going to find out who Tears was?

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Are you sure you really want to hear about it?


Interview with Michael Uslan:



SHH!: Will you be involved with the new Swamp Thing movie that Joel Silver has mentioned wanting to do?


Uslan: It's a tremendous character, and I would love to see it done right with actual money behind it. That's something that the character has never had. There's never been money behind the productions. It's a cult favorite, and I think that there's an opportunity to mine it and treat it the right way on the right and proper size.



Joel Silver? Please say it's not so, and please, please say we're not going to get Keanu Reeves as Alec Holland.  Of course, maybe his stilted, dialogue delivery style would be perfect for the laboured speech of the muck monster. :D


Background on Uslan (from SHH): Even before Warner Brothers found success with Richard Donner's Superman in 1978, Michael Uslan was struggling to get people in Hollywood to take comic books seriously, and twenty years since he dedicated his life to bringing Batman to the big screen, he's delighted to see that the character has been revived and done right in the recent Batman Begins.


Between co-producing the Constantine movie with former Warner Bros. VP Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and being linked to movies based on Swamp Thing, Captain Marvel (AKA Shazam!) and Will Eisner's venerable hero The Spirit, Uslan might very well be considered the Godfather of comic book and superhero movies.



Part Two of the Uslan interview is now up, in which he talks about "getting" the Constantine character, about which movie needs to be made, and how Michael Keaton is the reason we got Keanu.




Tears is Michael Uslan? It would explain alot

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Matadoor, on the other hand, was a [over-used word].




Would THE GREEN have a place for John Constantine Tears ?


I certainly pushed for it because it was integral to Moore's reinvention of ST but because Constantine is still a possible future franchise, the powers that be nixed it. But I will say that right now (early draft) there is a character in The Green that die hard fans will recognize as someone cut from the same cloth as JC.. Whether he remains intact in subsequent drafts remains to be seen.

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Make him exactly like the comic book version, don't mention his name (or if you do just call him "John" with no surname) and blackmail someone to cast Paul Bettany in the role and all will be forgiven.

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Guest spiderlegs

SOME will be forgiven...


Then parlay what James said into the REAL John Constantine, slap a retroactive "Elseworlds" sticker with the date for the first HELLBLAZER movie in bold white letters on all the remaining copies of that awful film's DVDs, and don't fuck up the subsequent project. Then, all will be forgiven.

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